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Read the story behind starting “The Canadian Guy” blog and “What” I have to offer you to make your life easier.

Vishal Pandey

Hey! I’m Vishal, I Started This Blog In 2022 As An Interesting Means Of sharing information And Expressing My Experience and Ideas.

The Canadian Guy is a personal blog where you can get to see Canada from an Indian perspective which will help you analyze your upcoming steps before landing.

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  • Vancouver, British Columbia

My Canadian Journey Blog To Inspire And
Get You Motivated!​

I am a full-time student and an active Investor. I started this blog as a part-time blog to share my experience as a “Newbie in Canada” in 2022. My motive behind this blog is to help people understand the Canadian Environment so don’t need to face the initial challenges like me. 

I completed high school In India where I learned a lot, made great friends, also enjoyed participating in the Young Chef Competition, and came out as “Young Chef Semifinalist” which I am really proud of.

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My Investment Journey

Investing money is something that I always love but was totally confused because of the several options available on the internet which makes me lose around $800 in 2016. And being honest, I seriously felt like crying that day because I just wiped out my account in a few seconds.

That was the most horrible experience.

After that, I stopped trading as this is something very hard for me to scale without any proper education. So, in 2019, I started my trading journey again by gaining knowledge through various sources like YouTube, Books and Udemy courses.

Now I was in a position where I was making around $100 per week which was not great – I Know!! But this just boosted my morale to learn more. So, after learning and implementing it for over two years.

I know it is very hard to manage and that is my reason to start TheCanadianGuy to help people like you understand and manage your bills and new life.

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