13 Best Places to Sell Used Textbooks For Extra Cash

13 Best Places to Sell Used Textbooks For Extra Cash

Has school ended? You must be unsure of where to sell your textbooks and where the best place is really to get the best rates. Before moving further, let’s take a look at the 13 best places to sell used textbooks.

You are bibliophilic and you have tons of astonishing books. But when books take up space, dust can easily pile up on them. And to drum out these books is glaringly wasteful.

For instance, you are a college student with a monthly budget so spending money every semester on books can be challenging. You can sell your used textbooks to buy new ones. Isn’t it a smart financial habit or decision? But it also saves you from using any additional hard-earned money or saving that could be spent on other meaningful pursuits.

In this article, I will suggest the 13 Best places to sell your used textbooks at the best rates and generate extra income as a student.

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Should You Sell Books Online or in Person?

Sell Used Books

We all know how considerably expensive textbooks and academic books can be – if you can make some of your money back from them, it’s got to be worth a go.

The book industry is still quite thriving, even though there is enormous competition. For a better experience and more profit, I recommend you to sell your textbooks on some online platforms.

Because online platforms that buy your books may have fewer overheads.

And, as a result, they can offer you more money than a brick-and-mortar store. This is not always the case, though. But in many cases, you will definitely be at a good level by selling your textbooks online rather than in person-to-person dealings.

If you’re ambitious to know the finest sites to sell textbooks, then sit tight, and let’s dig in!

Books run

Sell Used Books On BooksRun

Booksrun is an online bookstore. It is one of the best sites to sell your books. They offer you many options like selling your used or new textbooks and you can also buy books in the same way.

Their prime goal is to give books a second chance, to nourish the life cycle of books. There are three very easy steps to sell your textbooks using Booksrun.

  1. Quote your books.
  2. Ship for free.
  3. Get Paid.


Bookscouter for used books

Bookscouter compares the book prices of all the online booksellers and gives you the best prices for your used or new textbooks. It allows you to search for prices for a book at more than 42 buyback book vendors.

The Price comparison feature of Bookscouter can save your time from the hectic activity of comparing prices from one site to another. You can select one with the highest price and sell your book.

You just have to enter the ISBN to list your book, then BookScouter searches over different buyer sites to find the ones that will pay the highest amount for your book.

People who use bookscouter can also rate and review the vendors. So, check the rating and reviews of people for the vendor you select to sell your books. Now you have confidence that you are selling your textbooks to genuine vendors.

Paperback Swap

Paperback Swap

Paperback Swap is a unique website designed for smart people like you. You can trade your books easily with swap club members.

While using Paperback Swap, you have to list the book you want to swap. And then sit calm and wait for the buyer who will be interested to buy your book. So you get your cash in your pocket.

Another amazing fact about this website is that you can also buy your favorite book with the cash you get by selling your books. This is the magic of the Paperback Swap website.

The books you request are yours to keep, or swap again!

Chegg Books

Chegg for used books

Chegg books will buy your books with ease. Chegg books is an education technology company that focuses on affordability and availability.

You can also rent your books by using chegg books. Get easy delivery and returns. Chegg books could be a great platform for your learning and earning.

Just enter the ISBN of your book here and you will instantly get the quote to know the worth of your used textbooks. You can free ship your books to Chegg too. You will surely get your cash once they receive your textbooks.

Barnes & Noble

Sell On Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble booksellers is an American bookseller. They will buy your used textbooks. Barnes & Noble leverages the power to offer online customers a wide range of recommendations.

The procedure to sell your books using this website is as simple as it could be. Just locate the ISBN at the backside of your textbook and enter it on the website. Barnes & Noble will pay you to market competitive prices for your books.

The only condition is that you must have books worth more than $10.

But still, it’s an amazing site, so I highly recommend you to use this site especially if you are living in the United States of America.

Sell On Amazon

Sell Used books On Amazon

In this digitally evolving era of technology, Amazon is a brand you see everywhere on social media. It is one of the best world-acknowledged online platforms to sell or buy goods. So, it is a huge opportunity for you to sell your textbooks to the most trusted buyers.

As it is a globally known online site, here you find tons of potential buyers. So, on Amazon, you can sell your books quicker than on any other website as people trust this platform for their usual buying. Have fun listing your textbooks on a globally trusted platform.

Sell On eBay

Sell On eBay

Selling books on eBay is the place one should have as first thought if you want to sell or buy something. eBay can be used to sell or buy things that need to be shipped worldwide. But for your used textbooks, you just need to sell your books in your nearby territory.

It is like an online auction site for your used textbooks. Like all other online sites, eBay will also ask for your books’ ISBN. Post the ISBN and other specific details related to your textbooks.

You can also list the features of your textbooks and any other kind of extras like if you have any CD or workbook that came along with your textbook.

These will help to build your buyer’s trust. To get your payments, you have to attach any of your PayPal accounts with your eBay profile.


BookFiner is the best place to sell any kind of book.

BookFiner.com is wholesome in its name. You can sell any kind of book whether it is used textbooks or new ones to get money. You can also find books such as out-of-print books or special edition books that interest you to buy.

It is a very useful site to find the best buyback prices for your books. You just need to list your books using their ISBNs as you do on any book-selling site.

The awe-inspiring fact about this site is that they have been in the textbook’s buyback business since 1977 and they also get appraised by international forums like Forbes, The New York Times, and the Lifehacker.

Second-hand books stores

Second-hand books stores to buy used books

If you do not want to be in the clutter of shipping your books to your buyers or dealing online with people. This is a great solution for selling your books. Pack up your books, bring them inside, then wait at the store while a bookseller appraises your books.



WeBuyBooks is one of the book-buying market leaders. They offer you the convenience to sell your books from your home because they have a free home collection service. This can be the best disposal of your unwanted books

Just follow some easy and quick steps:

  1. Enter barcode or ISBN number.
  2. Instant Valuation
  3. Send them your items for free
  4.  Get Paid.

Webuybooks.co.uk will pay you the day after they have checked your items!

They also have some different attractive deals for you.

Sell More, Make More Money!

Sell over £25 worth of items and you will automatically increase the amount they pay you by 5%. So, sell your used textbooks through this website and have fun.

You may discover any book store nearby in your area that deals with secondhand books. Sell your used textbooks to the book shop owner and get desired money in your hand. It is the quickest way to get rid of extra textbooks.

You may also have an option to sell your textbooks in your college bookstore, they usually deal with this kind of business. Because a lot of students prefer to buy used textbooks rather than new ones.



Sell your books online using Cash4Books. By using the Cash4Books you can effortlessly sell your used textbooks to get some extra cash for yourselves.

You have Cash4Books, just follow three convenient steps :

  1. Get a price quote
  2. Ship your books
  3. Collect your cash!

They also have a five-star rating for best customer service. So you just sell your books and get your full cash.

Facebook Marketplace

As we are living in a digital era, where people trust online sources more than hand-to-hand dealings. With online sites, like Facebook, people can negotiate with you any time while they are in their beds or doing their laundry.

They do not need to get any leave from work or college to especially visit any book store or to waste their precious time and energy dealing with people.

So, nowadays the younger generation prefers to have hustle-free, lesser talk dealings. They just want to enter their requirements and get their desired product in front of them. So, the Facebook marketplace is a good tool for them.

You can sell your used textbooks over Facebook. There are hundreds of such groups where you can just post the pictures and price of your book. Interested buyers will contact you by themselves. And your textbooks get sold easily.


College Books Direct

Coolegebooksdirect.com is a kind of smaller vendor that deals with the selling and buying of books, particularly college textbooks. But one condition you have to take care of is that your books should be in a good condition. You will get paid via check or PayPal.

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In the end, I would like to give you some tips to get more money for your used textbooks.

Try to keep your textbooks clean and not be messy on the pages. Especially take care of the cover page of books. Cover pages not only have a great look for your textbook, but they also protect the pages to rip off.

Keep your textbooks clean so you can get more profit. Keep researching the best ways to make more money! And I hope after reading the 13 best places to sell your textbooks, you have something on hand to follow.

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