Best Travel Movies on Netflix

15 Best Travel Movies on Netflix (2023)

In an age when circumstances and realities limit our capacity to travel, you and I seek sanctuary in the offerings of streaming platforms such as Netflix.

Thanks to the artistic eyes of brilliant filmmakers, you can go on wonderful journeys and immerse yourself in the diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes of the world.

I’ve put together a list of some of the best travel films available on Netflix. These cinematic masterpieces serve as invitations, encouraging you and me to take virtual trips to exotic locations.

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Tips For Watching Movies While Travelling

  • Download movies or shows in advance to watch offline, ensuring entertainment during flights or areas with limited connectivity.
  • Pack noise-canceling headphones and a neck pillow for a more immersive and comfortable viewing experience.
  • Carry a fully charged device and a portable charger to keep your entertainment going, especially during long journeys.
  • Use headphones in shared spaces, and opt for content that’s considerate of cultural sensitivities or the presence of fellow travellers.
  • Watch films that resonate with your travel destination, allowing you to connect with the local culture on a deeper level.
  • While movies are enjoyable, remember to strike a balance between screen time and embracing the real experiences your travels offer.

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1. Into the Wild (2007)

Directed by Sean Penn, “Into the Wild” is a poignant portrayal of the transformative power of travel. The film follows Christopher McCandless, a young man who abandons his conventional life and embarks on a journey of self-discovery across North America.

Driven by a desire for authenticity and connection with nature, McCandless’s travels take him through diverse landscapes, showcasing the beauty and challenges of life on the road.

2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Starring and directed by Ben Stiller, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is a whimsical adventure that blurs the line between reality and imagination.

The titular character, Walter Mitty, embarks on a global quest to find a missing photograph, taking him from the bustling streets of New York to the uncharted terrains of Iceland. The film beautifully captures the idea that sometimes the greatest journeys are the ones that unfold within us.

3. Eat Pray Love (2010)

Based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling memoir, “Eat Pray Love” follows the journey of a woman seeking solace and self-discovery after a difficult divorce. Portrayed by Julia Roberts, the protagonist’s travels take her to Italy, India, and Bali.

Through indulging in culinary delights, exploring spiritual teachings, and finding unexpected love, the film celebrates the transformative power of travel in healing and personal growth.

4. Wild (2014)

In “Wild,” Reese Witherspoon delivers a powerful performance as Cheryl Strayed, a woman who undertakes a challenging solo hike along the Pacific Crest Trail to heal from her past and rediscover herself. The film showcases the breathtaking landscapes of the trail and the emotional and physical trials that come with long-distance hiking. “Wild” reminds us that the journey within can often be as awe-inspiring as the external voyage.

5. Lost in Translation (2003)

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Tokyo, “Lost in Translation” directed by Sofia Coppola explores the profound connections that can form between people in unfamiliar environments.

Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson deliver nuanced performances as two Americans adrift in the bustling city. The film captures the essence of isolation, cultural disorientation, and the unexpected bonds that can arise during travel.

6. The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

“The Motorcycle Diaries” chronicles the transformative journey of a young Che Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado as they travel across South America on a motorcycle.

Directed by Walter Salles, the film is a portrait of pre-revolutionary Guevara and his exposure to the region’s inequalities, which would shape his revolutionary ideals. The movie encapsulates the idea that travel can be a catalyst for social and personal awakening.

7. Tracks (2013)

Based on a true story, “Tracks” follows Robyn Davidson’s incredible journey of crossing the Australian desert with her dog and camels.

Mia Wasikowska’s portrayal of Davidson captures the rawness and solitude of the journey, while the film offers a window into the vast, unforgiving landscapes of the Australian outback.

8. Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

In “Under the Tuscan Sun,” Diane Lane stars as a woman who impulsively buys a villa in Tuscany after her life takes an unexpected turn.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Italian countryside, the film explores themes of renewal, reinvention, and the allure of embracing a new culture and way of life.

9. In Bruges (2008)

While not a traditional travel movie, “In Bruges” provides a darkly comedic exploration of the medieval Belgian city.

Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson play hitmen hiding out in Bruges, offering a quirky glimpse into the city’s historic charm and picturesque canals. The film adds a unique twist to the travel movie genre by blending dark humor with a captivating setting.

10. A Map for Saturday (2007)

As a documentary, “A Map for Saturday” offers a realistic and heartfelt portrayal of long-term travel. The film follows Brook Silva-Braga’s year-long journey around the world, capturing the highs and lows of a globetrotting lifestyle.

Through candid interviews and captivating visuals, the documentary provides insight into the transformative nature of extended travel experiences.

11. Midnight in Paris (2011)

Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” is a whimsical journey through time and space as the protagonist, played by Owen Wilson, finds himself transported back to the 1920s every night while in Paris. The film takes viewers on a nostalgic and artistic tour of the city, capturing the allure of the past and the magic of the present.

12. The Bucket List (2007)

Starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, “The Bucket List” is a heartwarming tale of two terminally ill men who escape from a hospital and embark on a journey to fulfill their lifelong dreams. From the Great Pyramids of Egypt to the Serengeti, the film explores the transformative nature of travel, friendship, and the pursuit of happiness.

13. The Way (2010)

Directed by Emilio Estevez and starring Martin Sheen, “The Way” follows a grieving father who embarks on the Camino de Santiago, a famous pilgrimage route in northern Spain, to honor his late son’s memory.

The film captures the physical and emotional challenges of the journey, as well as the sense of community and self-discovery that pilgrims often find along the way.

14. Under the Same Moon (2007)

“Under the Same Moon” tells the touching story of a young Mexican boy who travels to the United States to find his mother, who is working there. The film sheds light on the challenges faced by immigrants and showcases the lengths to which individuals are willing to go to reunite with their loved ones.

15. Tracks of the Heart (2018)

“Tracks of the Heart” is a documentary that follows the inspiring journey of two women who set out to hike the Appalachian Trail, a challenging long-distance trail in the United States.

The film not only captures the physical trials of the hike but also delves into the emotional and personal transformations that occur during such an arduous adventure.

Final Words

The best travel movies on Netflix offer a diverse range of perspectives on the transformative power of exploration and adventure. From soul-searching journeys to exotic locales to the joys of self-discovery, these films encapsulate the essence of wanderlust and the boundless possibilities that travel presents.

Whether you’re an armchair traveler or seeking inspiration for your next adventure, these movies are a passport to experiencing the world from the comfort of your own home.

So grab some popcorn, sit back, and let these cinematic journeys take you on unforgettable expeditions across the globe.

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