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7+ Ultimate Ways To Get Free Internet Access

Imagine your life without the internet—more than 312 million people in America have access to it. Having no internet connectivity will not limit your progress in terms of jobs, education, but, most significantly, “ENTERTAINMENT.”

What can you do if you’re on a limited budget or want to save money for an emergency fund or financial security? Or is the contract that the service provider is offering far too lengthy?

That may sound very challenging as maintaining a good financial habits is hard for all of us. For example, I was planning to maintain my personal finance this month with no pizzas but I just have one. LOL

Okay. Let’s move to the 7+ ways to get free internet access without spending a single dollar.

7+ ways to get free internet access


NetZero, launched in 1998, provides internet access via dial-up connections. You may believe that the internet speed will be slower than that of regular internet services.

But hang tight!

It’s not that awful because it has a download speed of 1 Mbps and an upload speed of 300 kbps. In addition, you may utilize this internet service for free for a total of 10 hours every month.

NetZero provides 200 MB of free data every month. If you need more data, you may upgrade to a $17 or $27 per month plan that includes 500 MB or 1 GB of data, respectively.

You need a phone line at home in order to use NetZero to access the internet. You’re all good to go if you have one. For those who just use a little amount of internet each month, NetZero’s service may be the best option.


FreedomPop is an internet service provider based in Los Angeles California which offers wireless internet on devices like smartphones and computers.

They believe that everyone has the right to use the internet that’s why they offer 2 GB of free data for the first month. After the first month, you will get 500 MB of data at 4G speed.

With the data provided by FreedomPop, you can easily navigate your email, text and video chat with your family members.

It gives you a portable device which you can carry anywhere if you want to access the internet. FreedomPop work in every possible location so you don’t need to worry about connectivity issues.

To get access to FreedomPop services, you need to deposit a particular amount which will act as a security for the device offered. The security deposit will be returned once you cancel your subscription by returning the device.


WifiMap is an app that shows a map of Wi-Fi networks that consists of a database of over three million free wifi hotspots available globally, which is essential if you travel frequently.

Travelling without the internet could be extremely stressful since connecting to the internet via your mobile data isn’t always possible.

When you travel, you like to take pictures to share on social media or to share with your family or fiancé through a video chat, which makes the trip more pleasant.

To get access to WifiMap you just need to SignUp where you will be shown free wifi hotspots within a two and a half mile radius.

WifiMap also offers a paid plan for $29.99 per year where you will get ad-free crawling, VPN service and an offline map.

Wifi Free Spot

Wifi Free Spot is similar to WifiMap and is a directory wifi hotspot available that can only be accessible if you select your region or state.

After selecting your residential area or state, Wifi Free Spot will open a list of all the wifi networks which are available at no cost.

The best part of Wifi Free Spot is you can search them by categories such as:

  • Airport
  • Restaurant, Hotels, Motels, Resorts
  • Vacation Rental Properties
  • Camping Spot or Parks
  • Food Chain such as McDonald, KFC, Tim Hortons, Starbucks

All Free ISP

All Free ISP is a search engine which helps people to get internet services for free or cheaper rates.

To access the internet service through All Free ISP, you need to put basic information about location, state, province or local pin code to get the free internet or cheap internet.

Access the All Free ISP:

  • Visit the All Free ISP site
  • Enter basic details
  • Choose the best network
  • Use it

While connecting to any internet provider, you don’t need to worry about the quality as each service available on All Free ISP is rated by previous users.

The rating will help to understand the connectivity and trustworthiness of the internet service provider.

Use Wifi At Coffee Shops & Library

Library and Coffee Shops can be your best friends if you are a student or a working professional. Being a student, you can use the library to study which will save money every month if you plan to take wifi connections.

I know some library charge some fees monthly but you are not paying for the internet but for the books and access to other library facilities.

If the library is not your thing, You can go to popular coffee shops that provide high-quality internet services to their customers. Coffee shops which provide internet are Starbucks, Tim Hortons, McCafe at McDonals.

I prefer coffee shops to work as I find myself very productive but the only drawback of coffee shops is I have to order something to sit and use the wifi.

However, if you don’t enjoy working outside and want to set up your own wifi at home, you may search for student discounts or start a side hustle to generate extra income that will help you to pay the bills.

Search For A Free Governor Internet Service

Municipal Wifi networks are frequently installed in public locations by government officials for the benefit of local residents.

Even though the service is expensive to provide, this form of internet connection is crucial for low-income homes and schools.

The majority of other regions have started offering similar internet services at malls and train stations, even if they are currently exclusively available in rural areas.

By visiting their official website, you may verify whether the municipal wireless network is offered in your neighbourhood. Also, check whether these networks are open to the public.


Having access to free wifi may be a terrific way to save money or reduce excessive spending, but if you use a lot of data, I strongly recommend choosing a cheap internet service provider.

Choosing a premium internet service provider will increase your expenses, but it will protect you against online fraud and hacker threats on your computer or smartphone.

Taking a monthly internet service will not hurt your monthly budget and if it does then you can start a side hustle or think about making passive money which can help you to cover small expenses.

I believe that I have helped you to make a wise decision while looking for a free internet connection.

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