Free Airport Lounge Access

How to Get Free Airport Lounge Access

Making a travelling plan without visiting airport lounges is impossible. Airport lounge offers you some amazing travelling experience such as complementary food, Wi-Fi Facilities, Entertainment, Rest Area, Amenities and many more.

In Canada, more than 21 different card offers you access to airport lounge and a great signup bonus. This are the best credit card that can your special discount on multiple store and the points can be redeemed for cash money.

Ways To Get Free Airport Lounge Access

Frequent Flyer Status

Try achieving frequent flyer status from your favourite airline. This will give access to lounge and some additional benefit and discount on flight tickets. High -Tier status can be Gold or Platinum which can be offered if you pass the minimum travelling threshold within a specific time period.

Sign Up for loyalty or privilege program offered by airline that operates the airport lounge you wish to access. Many major Airline companies offer loyal programs, such as American Airline’s AAdvantage, Delta Air Lines’Sky Miles, or United Airlines’s Mileage Plus, Qatar Airways’ Privilege Membership and many more.

For example, if you are travelling a lot with Qatar Airways, you can be a part of privilege program that offers you priority standby, Lounge Access, Increased Baggage Allowance and many more.

Airline Credit Card

Apply for Credit card that offers Airport Lounge Access as a perk. Bank usually offer premium credit cards that provide complimentary access to specific lounge or offer some discounted rates.

Start by researching different airline and do consider expenses included with the card such as annual fees, interest rates, reward programs, lounge access and free baggage allowance. Now check if you are meeting minimum eligibility criteria such as minimum income requirement and credit card score.

After meeting for all the requirements, apply for the credit card. Additionally, try to contact your favourite airline first as some airline offers their own credit cards which may also include lounge access and baggage allowance.

Buy One Time Lounge Access

Major Airport Lounges offer pay-per-visit entry pass to passenger even if they are not flying. The Airport charge an additional cost of $25 – $75 per visit and the pass duration will be 3-12 hours. Additionally, you can buy airport lounge passes online and ofl

You can buy one time Airport Lounge Access day passes for independent airport lounges online. Online platforms like Plaza Premium Lounge, DragonPass and LoungeBuddy offer great rate whereas if you wish to purchase at the airport, visit any lounge and inquire about the Lounge pass.

Use Elite Points

Accumulate a sufficient number of elite qualifying points or miles to reach a specific elite status level. Elite status is typically earned by flying a certain number of miles or segments within a specific timeframe, usually a calendar year. The higher your elite status level, the more benefits you’ll receive, including lounge access.

If you have a credit card and you are using it regularly, try to accumulate a sufficient number of points or miles to achieve the Elite Level Status that you can be use to get discount at Airport Lounges. However, there are certain rules and regulation attached such as collecting a minimum number of miles or points per year or number of flights taken and so on.

How do I claim complimentary airport lounge access?

Bank offer complementary access to Airport Lounge, but you have check the terms and condition of your bank’s card.

How Do I Know If My Credit Card Is Eligible For Airport Lounge?

To check whether your credit card is eligible for airport lounge or not, you can check the “Complimentary Visit” section on the official website of the bank or the information sheet comes with the new card.

Note: If there is no section for Complementary Visit in the information sheet, it means that your card does not offer this service.

Final Words

Travelling is always fun but if you get some additional discount on flight ticket or baggage allowance then it is the best moment. Following this simple methods can surely help you reach your destination with comfort.

However, I highly recommend you to look for best credit card for Lounge access or contact the airline to discuss about the card or privilege membership offered by them. Additionally, make sure to do a thorough research and compare to find the best deal that meets your needs.

I hope this article helps you find an easy way to Airport Lounge Access but feel free to check for credit card for their special discount and rewards.

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