Make Money With Amazon Associate Program

How To Make Money with Amazon Associate Program in 2023

Think about a business model where there is no cost on inventory or hiring employees plus you can work whenever you want and from wherever your want? Sound Awesome, Right?

Let’s discuss a 21st Generation business model popularly known as the Amazon Associate Program where the growth is unlimited and it’s more like a side hustle where you can easily make $100-$1000 per day depending upon the quality of work you do in the initial days. Well, every business needs a little hard work to get the golden eggs. Right?

Amazon is an American company that focuses mainly on the E-commerce business and is one of the renounced brands with various products. Amazon was founded in 1994 and has now created a dominance in the E-commerce industry with a net worth of 1,010 Billion dollars.

Do you know? An average individual makes around $15,000 to $121,000 through the Amazon Associate program.

How does Amazon Associate Program work?

The Amazon Associate program also known as Amazon Affiliate Marketing helps you generate commission on each sale you make. For example, You are planning to buy a Microwave but are confused about the best suitable product for your house. However, on the internet, you find a detailed article about microwaves and planned to buy that.

You will get a link for the product which will redirect you to Amazon’s official website to do the purchase. The moment you check out with the link provided, they will get a small commission of 2 to 3 percent depending on the variety of products and their commission rate.

How much you can make from Amazon Associate Program?

With Amazon Associate Program, you can make $10-$100,000 or more depending on the quality of work you have done while building the audience group. It is not mandatory that you can only get an affiliate commission on the products you have promoted.

You can also get a commission even if the person has clicked your link for Washing Machine and purchased a refrigerator. As per Ziprecruiter, the national average from Amazon Affiliates is $58,382 whereas the top 1% of people make around $124,000.

Steps To Make Money From Amazon Associate Program

Choose a Niche

The first thing while choosing a niche is that the potential of the niche’s earnings and growth is high. Affiliate Marketing Earning is dependent on the niche you have selected.

Let’s say, you have chosen the technology sector then the possibilities of getting sales are high as the people are moving toward different gadgets that are available.

The best way to decide on a niche for your business is to do research. You can do this by going through other people’s websites who are also working as affiliate marketers and promoting different products.

Build your Affiliate Website

In the 21st century, building an affiliate website is the easiest thing to do as currently, you don’t need to have knowledge of HTML, CSS or JAVA. The only thing that you required is a domain, hosting and a theme.

You just need to drag and drop the things that you want to add to your website. Do not try to make it look beautiful and elegant as no one is going to see the beauty instead they want to see the products.

For example, you must have used the amazon website a good number of times. Right? But is there anything appealing on the website? The answer is NO because you are looking for a product not the beauty of the website.

Create your Amazon Associate Account

After making a website, you have to create your Amazon Associate Account.

Enter your Name, Address, Phone Number and Email ID and sign up. You can also use your email id that you have used for creating your amazon account.

You can also go through the Amazon Commission to learn the rates for different products and decide on a niche too.

Put Commercial Contents

Content is the king in the affiliate marketing industry if you don’t want to spend money on running ads. It will not only help you to rank on Google Search Engine but also generates a huge audience who are ready to buy products through your link.

I personally recommend posting 30-40 SEO-friendly articles of 600 words per month for at least 6 months which can help you rank. After 6 months, you can lower the volume of posts to 15-20 per month.

You must be wondering why post 30 articles every month? The answer is Google takes time to rank articles on the first page which generally generates huge profit from their affiliate links.

Use Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Once you have started publishing content on your website, you need to focus on SEO commonly known as Search Engine Optimization.

SEO helps your site to build credibility in Google’s eye which boosts the ranking of your page that generates a high ticket audience who is willing to buy from your website.


Lastly, you have now understood the concept of How to make $100 with Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon Associate Program is a great source to generate passive income if you have followed all the steps mentioned. But I always recommend you to keep updating your content and marketing strategy with the people’s tastes.

You can easily do that if you go through the data you have collected using different marketing tools. Some most common free tools used for data collection are Facebook and Google tracking codes. The benefit of using these tools is that you can retarget these people with Google or Facebook ads.

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