How To Sell clothes online in 2023

How To Sell clothes online – Platform, Camera, Marketing in 2023

Planning to start a side hustle or looking for a way to make money online every month? Well, here is a quick tip -Start Selling Clothes Online In 2023.

Selling Clothes Online is a great way to clean your cluttered wardrobe to buy new ones for the upcoming festive season. And it won’t be much easier thanks to 21st-century technologies where you can sit in the comfort of your couch and sell clothes to increase your savings.

In case you are planning to donate some of your clothes then I highly recommend it as it can help the environment and the planet.

Where To Sell Clothes Online?

It totally depends on the type of product you are aiming to sell. Currently, all the websites have a huge list of categories where you can select the most suitable option for your clothes.

Below I list out the 5 best platforms that you must try while selling clothes online. The reasons are low minimal fees and a simple registration process which can save you a ton of time.

5 Best Platform To Sell Clothes Online


Poshmark is founded by Manish Chandra in 2011 and is one of the largest consumer-to-consumer platforms in the US. It is currently available in Canada, Australia, India and the USA.

  • Great Customer Support
  • 70+ Million Total Users
  • No Seller fees
  • Quick & Easy Listing
  • Poshmark Ambassador Status

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EBay is an American multinational e-commerce company founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995. With a huge user base, it offers a business-to-consumer (B2C) and consumer-to-consumer(C2C) business model. It is also available in more than 30+ countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and many more.

Benefit of eBay

  • Trust & Popularity Among Customers
  • 150+ Million Total Users
  • Offer Fixed Rates
  • Quick & Easy Listing
  • Personalized URL
  • More Exposure For Your Product


ThredUp owned by James Reinhart is one of the biggest marketplaces for selling and buying apparel. With more than $86 Billion in sales in 2021, thredup can be a great option for you to start a side hustle.

Benefit of ThredUp

  • Fastest Growing Marketplace
  • 1.2+ Million Total Users
  • Point System(Each point makes you $1)
  • Various Offers & Rewards Programs


Vinted (CEO – Thomas Plantenga) is a Lithuanian based buying and selling platform with more than 1,200 full-time employees. They offer the exchange of old or used products and are available in 14 countries like the USA, UK, Italy, Canada and many more.

Benefit of Vinted

  • No Fees or Expense For Sellers
  • Huge Customer Base of 30+ million people
  • Offer Tips & Tricks To Scale Your business
  • Sellers can build bundles of small products

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one of the most popular social media platforms of the 21st century founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. With more than 70,000+ employees and a great customer base, it can be a great deal for your to sell clothes online to generate extra income.

Benefit of Facebook Marketplace

  • No Fees or Expenses For Sellers
  • Largest Customer base of 2.85 billion
  • Can Sale in Multiple Categories
  • No String attached
  • Run Marketing Campaign to Generate More Sale

Pros And Cons Of Selling Clothes Online

Huge Growth PotentialLack of Benefit & Taxes
Flexibility of TimeFinding The Right Supplier
Start Your Business From HomeImplementing WrongMarketing
High Income Potential & SuccessSecurity Issue (Site Hacked)
Low Investment RequiredHuge Expenses if Book-keeping Gone
Be Your Own BossDifficult To Trust COD Customers

How To Do Marketing For Selling Clothes On My Store?

Selling Clothes Online can be a fun side hustle to generate extra income but without a perfect marketing plan, you may not be able to increase your business revenue. I know marketing takes a chunk of your saving or may exceed your desired budget but you can’t compare the revenue you will get.

There are a variety of social media platforms that you can use like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and so on. But I highly recommend you to use Facebook Marketing. WHY?

The returns from Facebook marketing are gold. I am telling this from my personal experience. You can expect a return on investment(ROI) of 25% to 30% which also depends on your marketing strategy.

To learn Facebook marketing, you can use YouTube but I didn’t find it very useful as the so-called “Facebook Marketing Gurus” will never provide you with detailed information about the steps you need to take while running your Facebook ad campaign.

I have listed the top 3 Facebook Marketing courses which provide you with some great strategies while selling your products online.

A quick Facebook Marketing tip is to run ads for people who can buy your product. In simple words, sell to people who are making money or earning a particular salary every month with their full-time job. The age will be around 24 to 60 as they will be the biggest buyer.

How To Sell Clothes Online Fast?

There is no rocket science to sell clothes online fast. You just need to follow a few steps while setting up your account and the quality of pictures plays a crucial role in generating more sales. I have mentioned the 3 best cameras that you can use while taking clicking pictures.

Now after clicking great pictures post these pictures on all the social media platforms as a part of free marketing plus ask your followers or family members for suggestions on what is wrong in your work.

Finally, run ads on Facebook by following the step-by-step guide of the three courses that I have mentioned. Well, it’s not mandatory to buy courses but if you invest $1,000 in running ads with $0 zero sales then nothing can be done afterwards.

So, having the upfront knowledge will help you in scaling your business.

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Best Camera For Photography To Sell Clothes Online

#1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame DSLR

Nikon D850 45.7MP Full-Frame


  • Hi-Speed Image Processing

#2. Nikon Z 6II FX-Format Mirrorless Camera

Nikon Z 6II FX-Series Mirrorless Body - Best Camera To Sell Clothes Online


  • 4K Quality Video & Pictures
  • Dual Memory Slot

#3. Sony Alpha a7R III Mirrorless Digital Camera

Sony Alpha a7R III Mirrorless Digital Camera - Best Camera To Fashion Photography


  • High-End Resolution
  • Controlled Exposure
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Fast Hybrid Focus

#4. Canon DSLR Camera – Best Budget Friendly

Canon DSLR Camera - Best Camera For Fashion Photography


  • Wireless Sharing
  • High Power Image Sharing
  • 4K UHD 30P/ Full HD 120P video
  • High-Speed Continuous Shooting

#5. Canon EOS R5 – Best For Fashion Photography

Canon EOS R5 - Best Camera For Fashion Photography


  • High Image Quality
  • 8K Video Capability
  • Dual Memory Card Slot

Where To Sell Used Clothes For Cash?

You can sell your used clothes for cash on platforms like Tradesy, Online Marketplace (Facebook, Craigslist), Poshmark and ThredUp. These are some of the best platforms as the customer base is huge so it will be convenient for you to sell clothes online in exchange for cash.

Is It Worth Selling Clothes Online?

Yes, Selling Clothes Online can be a profitable business. As per Statista, the net worth of the fashion industry is around 1.5 trillion US dollars and the prediction says it will be around 2 trillion US dollars by the end of 2026.

Now you can understand that selling clothes is worth it but the profitability of your business depends on the quality of the product you are offering. Because no one likes to buy a bad quality product when they have to pay a hefty amount.

You also need to focus on the shipping charges and applicable fees charged by the platform you will be using. Because choosing a wrong platform can cut your profit by 5% to 10%.

Final Words

Selling Clothes Online looks like an easy task but it has a lot of challenges so building a great team is crucial while scaling your brand. Also understanding of Emergency fund and Financial Security play a significant role as it helps you to recover loses.

I know it feels like a scary idea but using other platforms like Poshmark and Marketplace can save you a ton of time and money. You can also start a blog while selling clothes online to get a huge number of customers. So, let’s start the business now.

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