Self-Care List + Strategies

Self-care is an important topic that we do not lay ample emphasis on which is quite wrong, it is a necessary ingredient needed in completing the recipe for life. And self-care checklists or self-care ideas can direct you.

First, for adequate self-care, you need a handful of patience, a heart of compassion, heaping cups of esteem, barons of worth, spoons of understanding, sweetened with acceptance and lungs full of laughter.

In the struggle of balance, we create bridges and boundaries from our challenges when we ought to cultivate and build bricks of growth, we devolve so much in our emotions that we diffuse our light, we let things go on default mood by neglecting ourselves, beating our worth down with self-criticism sometimes questioning our experience and outlining charts of comparison.

Self-care is the act of tending and caring for yourself, setting healthy priorities for you which needs to be valued and practiced more often. It is the ability to put yourself first and not anchored to selfishness.

Self-care is how you take your power, withdrawing from burnouts, recharging, restoring and replenishing the flames and magic smuggled in your soul.

Sometimes survival can push an anchor of unrest and struggle that we need physical self-care to take a step from everything and revaluate. Not just for ourselves but to discover a better version for the lives we touch.

Self-Care List + Strategies

Sometimes we let fear measure our dreams, possibilities, and goals, we let uncertainties set boundaries to our resilience, vibrancy, we cut down the momentum in our soul halfway down the journey of conquering; all because of our fears.

We induce reluctance into our bones and stain our soul with the limitation of exploring the version of ourselves.

We cage our potentials behind bars and prisons of uncertainty, limit the flame burning inside of us, wrap our tongue around negativity as she walks her way into our throat and builds a hive of compression.

We let experience teach us to shred authenticity rather than embracing a version of ourselves.

We are raided by the parade of aesthetics that we are forced to lose ourselves at the core of our journey. We dilute the territory of our strength to fit which is all wrong because owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.

Self-care and self- love isn’t selfish, it is a deliberate action to gift yourself with people, places, things, events, and opportunities that recharge your personal battery and promote your whole health—body, mind, and spirit.

So do not let self-doubt and criticism grease your wheels; unravel, unpack, learn and unlearn in the struggle of climbing upward, do not sabotage the greats thing because you don’t feel worthy.

In the quest of discovery, scampering around seeking and finding ourselves, we build museums of doubt, we shelf our worth on the stand or album of acceptance. Let our mind be housed by negativity, rallying around self-doubts and fears when caring for ourselves is the best form of survival.

These inspirational self-care lists and self-care ideas have sharpened and nurtured my journey to self-love on a painless level.

Self-Care List + Strategies

–  Do not reduce your worth or pawn your value with fears.

–  Do not let the inner critic take charge and taunt you, build a hive of self-love through the pieces and parts of your mistakes, lessons, and discovery.

–  Stay focused on the journey; when the light goes out, ignite the flames inside of your soul, expose the magic planted in your soul, flourish and chase joy without an anchor of doubt.

–  Let resilience be louder than pain as you soak your bones in care.

–  Be compassionate with yourself, you are a work in progress; you are flawed, the presence of imperfection is perfect and is needed to survive.

–  Prioritize positivity and stop focusing on flaws; compliment yourself daily.

–  Keep a journal and declare your worth.

–  Develop a healthy routine, carve out and claim the time to care for yourself and kindle your own fire.

–  Discover your worth; find time with yourself in solitude and meditation. You got magic swelling inside of you, a mandate of strength waiting to manifest at your command so do not sanction your worth or limit yourself or suppress your authenticity.

Self-Care List + Strategies

–  Believe in yourself!

–  Invent your world by surrounding yourself with nourished and positive connection; people that will uplift and mirror positivity. Surround yourself with people, color, sounds, and works that nourish you.

–  Make yourself a priority!  And Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself.

–  Practice self-reflection, do not be limited or drawback by perfection- Take those imperfect steps!

–  Delve into the deeper parts of your soul and unravel!

–  Invest in yourself- Self-care is how you take your power back.

–  Remind yourself of how far you have come, how strong you are, lay preservatives of joy around your soul. Do not let doubt entrap you, the world needs your rarities and authenticity to sanction the replication of perfection.

–  Hone your specialties the sooner you make peace with the alignment of light in your soul, the more it pours out.

–  Stand firm rooted in your truth, nurturing your worth and blooming!

–  Strip yourself of doubt and let the light of positivity saturate and take charge of your bones.

You are enough, you have nothing to prove to anybody- Maya Angelou

Self-Care List + Strategies

–  Be firm to your truth, to your standards.

–  Do not reduce yourself to fit in or disfigure your sparks of magic to become accepted, you are a wonder walking in flesh!

–  Remember your body is an extension of who you are, there is more to you than just your body. You are multilayered, your soul returned in the vessel to complete your purpose. Fulfilling your purpose means allowing your body the freedom and space to show up unapologetically.

Know sometimes, you need to balance nothing; just flow with the tide you are already in the balance, insanity is creating the balance.

Every path you have walked on led to this spot you are in right now so let it be. You plan, you don’t plan… it doesn’t matter, you are already an important piece in this stage of life so act your part diligently, don’t force it or try to control it. Be you, reshaping and exploring. Everything must work out to make sure you become.

Self-Care List + Strategies

And remember, Life is an archive of lessons and activities, the museum or your mind shouldn’t be overcrowded, one step at a time!

Note to Self

Dear Self,

You are worthy

Do not auction your worth for acceptance or dilute your authenticity for validation

Do not tune down the light engraved in your bones to fit in, for you are a sanctuary of magic.

Your soul is a raw soil for diamonds.

Your flesh has been equipped with uniqueness, don’t throw your treasure for tools.

Do not be intimidated by the reflection society has carved through the mirrors of the digital world.

Because you are a piercing light, admiration spelled in every language.

Maybe you don’t see it,

But your body is in a dialogue with the universe, those strides are a touch of her presence.

So do not fracture your worth with the weight of perfection,

I repeat Do not query your worth by the sanction of perfection!

Dear self you are a warrior conquering the mirage of perfection through the masterpiece of your scars.

Explore your rarities,

Ignite the globe with every gem of your composition.

On the sidewalk of life, do not let acceptance validate your uniqueness because you are worth being you in every spotlight.

You are perfect living through your unique touch of imperfections.

Your hands have been equipped with greatness as an architect, building a masterpiece of wonders.

Stop hating on your body; don’t limit your exposure to vulnerability. Do not sell your magic to insecurities struggling through the rally of doubt.

Stop! Selling your self-esteem to challenges, your body is a museum of wonder cherish it!

Those scars are ornaments of strength, resilience, light, and confidence.

Set the earth ablaze as you manifest in your own way.

Do not fade away at the cost of others,

Remember the sky is an empty sheet aching for your glitters

So shine!

If you are not shinning you are suppressing your purpose,

Take charge and Illuminate the earth vibrantly!

What are your favorite self-care strategies, self-care inspiration, what self-care tips and ideas have aided your journey to self-love and self-discovery? I hope I wasn’t all poetic with these tips.  I wanted the magic aura to be saturated with ease.  Lol… So let me know in the comment section below what does your self-care list looks like, what are your daily self-care checklist, self-care ideas, self-care strategies to keep sane and focus in spite of the chaos governing survival.

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