Steps to Change Your Life in a Meaningful Way

‘’Today, instead of carrying these mountains on your shoulders; big boulders of sadness, anxiety, disappointment, and sorrow try being the mountain yourself. A mountain remains rooted and grounded in the face of changing seasons, storms and other weather. Exhale old perception of being and seeing things, inhale the power of choice, transformation and witness your life bloom and blossom’’-Madalina Coman

Life is a simultaneous induction of situations in the course of building bricks of survival to a blissful route.

In the process of laying the foundations and outlining the blueprint, situations come on board sometimes prepared and planned and other times unpredictable and inevitable; moments on mountains tops and moments in deep valley of despair can rise, so there is the need to be able to navigate through the change in tides and seasons.

Life entails progressive change and transformation because the path to greatness requires transformation to your higher self.

Life doesn’t always submit to your cards, there is a constant shuffling from her end and to be up to the game, you have to be aware and know the right leads to take.

Things happen beyond our control that can be harmful, overwhelming, disheartening and we can’t help but hunger for a change and a spin of transformation. We have to outline different ways to thrive beyond stagnation.

I vividly recall 2 years ago I was in an entrapped sanctuary of doubt and pain that I had created by my mistakes, misunderstandings and lackadaisical habits and all I wanted was a positive turn and change in every aspect of my life.

And after discovering, initiating and practicing certain habits the wheels of my life have taken a different blissful route and who could have thought that I would one day be able to conquer the moment of despair and a deteriorating situation I was entrapped in and give quality tips and advice on the process of transformation.

Transformation is a vast term that can’t be simply paired on paper to be properly understood, it involves a lot more experience to be properly understood.

Transformation is the process of changing certain occurrences, behavior, habits or situations to a positively inclined shift or beneficial inclined position. It is a process life usher in with tons of ups and downs, a journey of discovery through the moments of bliss, struggle, obstacle and challenges.

Transformation isn’t sweet and bright, it can be a dark and murky process, unraveling of habits you’ve carried, a practice of facing obstacles and challenges and a complete uprooting before becoming.

I didn’t change my life to a fulfilling position with a flick of the finger; I applied a few tips on a constant direction that I will be sharing with you.

Grab a chocolate bar because this may take a while!

Change is inevitable but transformation is by a conscious deliberate change.

Transformation is choosing to improve your productive habits, your mindset, your communication, behavior, articulation and so, it is a rigorous process and it entails consistency, perseverance, and repetition.

There are times when the journey is saturated with obstacles, boundaries, limitations, bridges and we can’t help but hunger for a change in our lives. These tips will serve as a blueprint to changing and transforming your life.

1.  Reframe Your Mindset

Change your thoughts and you change your world!

Every single decision we enact in our hearts or ultimatum of decisions we make come from the position of our choices because you cannot pleasurably and repeatedly do what you have no interest in doing.

I know some people can be unfortunate and life can throw a toil on them, leaving them with no choice but I am referring to the choices we soberly make. This kicks off in the mind and makes its way down to manifestation. Before any change or transformation can occur, you have to work and reframe your mindset.

I have written a variation of articles that you can read to develop and improve your mind in a heartbeat simply click here. They’ll definitely help and make you understand the mindset transformation journey better.

In order to carry a positive action, you must develop a positive vision and because real change starts in your thoughts, the ability to embrace each challenge in life as an opportunity for self-transformation, improvement, and development kicks off in the mind.

The mind is an important part of the human body that can make ultimate changes.

In the tussle of striving and surviving, we encounter a lot; we face a lot of challenge and the ability to overcome and grow from them comes from the positioning of your mind.

Change can be hard and it requires a whole load of courage, commitment, and effort. And avoid staying camped in the zone of uncertainty or limitations, you have to work on your mind!

First comes thought, then organization of that thought into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality.

Reframing your mindset to a positive level is very beneficial and needed for transformation, it eliminates all form of negativity and creates space for positivity to be implanted and bring forth light.

Reframing your mindset is going from limiting phrases to expansive phrases.

Limiting Phrase – Expansive Phrases

I can’t –– I could

This is just how I am — I can always change

I’ m the kind of person who — I have multitudes

What if it fails? –– What if it flourishes?

Easier said than done — It might work, there is no harm in trying

I already know this –– There is always more to learn

I’m too old/young — Age doesn’t have to limit me

This always happens to me –– I can empower myself

They made me feel this — I Practice self-responsibility

I have no control –– I honor what I control

What you tell yourself and process in your mind can accelerate the level of your growth and simply choosing to use expansive phrases to limiting ones can bring a positive shift in your life. This includes employing affirmations, positive powerful mantras, and good quality content to listen to.

In my moment of despair, I always try to declare positive utterance to myself continually until I calm down and become mindful rather than letting negativity consume and take control of my being.

If I am too weary to speak, I listen to spiritual and powerful calm instrumentals accompanied with soothing affirmations and I cry it all out but with a conscious consumption of positivity to my mind.

Reframing your mind is simultaneously related to watching what you mentally consume. It can be a struggle to come out but the journey is carving you to a better individual. So try and employ some changes to your mindset.

You can change your assertiveness to your reaction to unpleasant situations for a simple start.  I extensively talked about this in this post, you need to check it out!

In the process of reframing your mind, you have to cultivate the confidence of believing in yourself, the courage to facing your fears, overcoming challenges and to not dwell on your mistakes.

A simple illustration to help:

illustration 1

Creating excuses — Taking action

Clinging to stories — Creating news stories

Avoiding change or growth — Embracing change + growth

Only blaming others — Owing your role

Disengaging from the work — Leaning in the work

Taking the easy route — Doing the hard stuff when able

Repeating harmful patterns —– Untangling harmful patterns

Insisting you’re stuck —- Making room to move + shift

Minimizing feelings —- Confronting Feelings

Resisting help or support —- Accepting help and support

illustration 2

Rather than saying Life is challenging ———- Say Life is incredible

We don’t always have control ——— We don’t always need control

We can’t space difficulty ———- We can handle difficult things

There is no ‘’perfect’’ life – ——- Life doesn’t need to be perfect

The unknown can be scary ——– The unknown can be inspiring

Survival is hard – —– Survival is beautiful

2.  Developing Productive Routines

There are 3 phases to  transformation:

  1.  Notice
  2. Make a choice
  3. Do something different

After making a productive choice to reframe your thoughts and mindset, you have to make a choice of what you choose to do in line with developing a positive mindset.

This works down to your routines, the habits you build into a continual and unconsciously practice. This may sound like a flimsy activity but your consistent routine plays a vital role in your growth and transformation process.

One major activity to transformation is ‘waking up early’. If you haven’t been practicing healthy routines that will help supercharge your mornings, you should because when you wake up early you have a lot of time at hand to make things happen, to learn more, work more, and this will enhance your overall life.

For helpful tips on how to create a stress-free morning routine check here and equip yourself with these tips and resources that can supercharge your morning.

Habits that dominate your mental state should not be overlooked as well. I personally was always at the mercy of my fears, I couldn’t take steps or make proper decisions without consulting my fears and insecurities and this ate me up, caging my confidence until I learned to eliminate such forms of negativity and improve my mental habits.

I killed 7 types of negativity

  • Perfectionism: Trying to achieve something that is literally unattainable will only result in you feeling less than.
  • Judgment over yourself and others: When you are judgmental you are only focusing on the negative qualities in yourself and others.
  • Self-Doubt: Self-doubt is a weed that will take over your life if you don’t kill it at the root.
  • Assuming the worst will happen: If you never think things will be better, they won’t and this utterly removes hope.
  • Worrying: Worrying changes nothing except your mental state!
  • Complaining: When you focus on the negative things, you are really setting yourself for never being content or happy.
  • Trying to control everything: You can’t control everything and when you try and inevitably fail, you feel at fault.

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So in the quest to develop confidence, be positive enough to set goals and watch the positive revolt.

3.  Be Grateful

Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness, it turns whatever portion we have to enough as we strive thankfully.

In ordinary life, we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.

Practicing gratitude is fundamental to growth; your mental stage is controlled with utmost satisfaction and you cannot help but look forward to every moment of striving.

‘’Gratitude will shift you to a higher frequency and you will attract much better things”-Rhonda Byrne

Gratitude helps you grow and expands, it ushers joy into your life. The more grateful you are, the more bliss and peace you’ll acquire.

If you concentrate on finding whatever is good and pleasant in every situation, you will discover that your life will be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul- Rabbi Harold Jusher

So from today cultivate the genuine habits of appreciation, be thankful for what you have as you strive.

4.  Practice Self Care

Some people argue that self-care is selfish and not a necessary tip to employ in your transformation journey, I totally disagree because self-care is vital. An empty lantern provides no light. You can’t go on and on without a course of focusing and checking on yourself.

It is very necessary that we endeavor to check in on our health, mental state, and physical state. This way, we are able to give an accurate review of how we are coming up and handling life.

Here is a checklist of self-care strategies you can employ to practice and improve your life. Our bodies are gardens while we are the gardeners so take care of yourself, do not let the struggle and hustle distract you.

‘’When we self-regulate well, we are able to control the trajectory of our emotional lives and resulting actions based on our values and sense of purpose’’- Amy Leigh Mercree

Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brighter so learn to employ certain self-care activities to be in check.

Remember, almost everything will work again if you unplug for a few minutes, including you, so no matter how busy you are, make time out to unplug.

Take time out to keep your mental and physical state in check by meditating, journaling, exercising, stretching, staying hydrated, etc These things matter as they can reform your life mentally and physically.

It is not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority- it’s necessary!

5.  Live In The Moment

Life is beautiful and shouldn’t be a struggle.

Living in the moment entails joy and a fresh bliss of peace. You are mindful and simply choose to let the moment sink into your bones.

As we progress towards new phases and sections of life, we meet new challenges, obstacles, bridges, and situations sometimes throwing more struggle and strife to our end; and it can be daunting to keep in line with the responsibility of navigating through everything but when you sink in mindfulness in the now, this very moment everything is fine as you inhale and exhale strength; you are in charge and inadequate control even from the smallest things.

Having a positive environment, a supporting relationship, good health, and the sanity to strive; there is so much to live for even in these rolling minutes.

We shouldn’t suppress the present in search of the future or stagnancy to the past. You can’t change the past or control the future but the activities and habits you choose to uphold this very minute can enact your journey with more bliss; so learn to be more present and appreciate every single moment of it.

Transformation isn’t perfect; it’s all about effort and when you implant that effort into your life every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs. So keep going and remember why you started; it is not always going to be easy but worth the while.

I hope this piece has served as a transformational guide, if you want to continually uplevel your life and take charge of your growth, you can purchase the Life Compass Workbook. I have created the workbook with the most empowering and life-changing exercises that enabled me walk through the process of transformation effortlessly and you can do the same.

This workbook is a unique guide for walking with your imperfectly perfect self through your wellness journey. There are so many prompts and exercises that will enable you define yourself, get in tune with yourself, claim your power, embrace transactions, survive thrive and flourish, untangle your worries, break the chains of self-sabotage, recondition your mind and grow despite the challenges and limitations you encounter.

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