Things To Do In Lévis, Quebec

5 Things To Do In Lévis, Quebec

Ever found yourself daydreaming about a place where history whispers through cobblestone streets, just a ferry ride away from Quebec City? Welcome to “Things To Do In Lévis, Quebec.”

I stumbled upon this hidden gem, nestled just across the St. Lawrence River, and let me tell you, it’s a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be explored.

Imagine a city that feels like your own well-kept secret, where the air buzzes with a quaint yet lively vibe. Trust me, when I say this riverside escape is more than meets the eye.

Ready to join me on an adventure to uncover the hidden gems of Lévis that keep drawing me back for more?

Let’s dive in!

5 Top Things To Do In Lévis, Quebec

Lévis, Quebec, is located along the beautiful St. Lawrence River’s south shore and offers a captivating blend of history, innovation, and community charm. With a population of around 149,683, this city is more than just a quiet suburb—it’s a vibrant hub where over 95% of residents proudly converse in French, contributing to its rich cultural tapestry.

What sets Lévis apart is its dynamic character. It’s a place where the past meets the future. Alphonse Desjardins, a local luminary, kickstarted Canada’s credit union movement from his home here. Today, the city resonates with innovation, hosting tech companies like Creaform, showcasing cutting-edge advancements.

But Lévis isn’t solely about work and progress. Its scenic riverside views and welcoming community offer a balance. The city, created through a merger in 2002, has retained its historical charm while embracing modernity. Home to Valero’s refinery and Davie Shipbuilding, as well as the headquarters of Desjardins Group, Lévis boasts an industrious spirit.

Beyond its industrial prowess, Lévis fosters a thriving agricultural research hub, furthering innovation in this sector. The city’s diversity extends beyond its industries—its allure lies in a blend of old-world heritage and contemporary innovations, making it a haven for explorers seeking a bit of everything.

Whether you’re drawn to history, eager to explore technological advancements, or simply seeking a relaxed riverside ambiance, Lévis invites you to experience its unique fusion of tradition and progress, promising an enriching and delightful visit.

1. Explore the Old Town

Explore the Old Town In Lévis, Quebec

Exploring Old Town Lévis alongside a companion feels like stepping into a well-crafted narrative. Arriving from Quebec City on the ferry, the streets adorned with charming buildings and the picturesque St. Lawrence River create a scene straight out of a storybook.

As I wander through this historical district, the streets seem to whisper tales of the past, weaving a rich tapestry of history and culture. The visual allure is striking, prompting me to capture the essence of Quebec City in the distance and the vibrant energy pulsating through the streets.

Engaging with the locals and uncovering the hidden treasures tucked within the shops adds depth to this experience. Old Town Lévis invites me into its narrative, allowing me to explore and interpret its story, much like a writer crafting a vivid scene on a blank page.

How to Get to Old Town Lévis?

The best way to soak up the historic vibe of Old Town Lévis is by taking the ferry from Quebec City. It’s a quick and scenic ride that offers stunning views of Château Frontenac and the Quebec skyline.

Once you’re there, take a leisurely stroll through the cobblestone streets. Don’t forget your camera – the charming architecture and breathtaking vistas of Quebec City across the river are picture-perfect.

2. Visit the Forts

Visit Forts In Lévis, Quebec

If you are history buffs and adventure seekers!

Let’s dive into the hidden gems of Lévis: the Lévis Forts. Picture this—three forts chilling on the Saint Lawrence River’s South Shore, practically waving at each other from a stone’s throw away. Built-in the late 1800s, these forts were like the Avengers of Defence, protecting a huge area without needing a massive wall.

Now, here’s the drama: during the American Civil War, Britain was all, “We’re neutral!” but low-key eyeing that Southern cotton. Post-war, they were legit anxious about a potential US invasion of Canada. Plus, some Euro-political tension made them worry about wood supplies if sea routes got blocked.

Cue Lieutenant-Colonel William Jervois, the hero who suggested forts on Pointe-Lévy, just south of Quebec City. They planned five but settled for three, none of which ever saw action after 1871.

Today? Oh, these forts are gold mines for explorers! Take a scenic stroll along the riverside promenade from Old Town Lévis, soak in history, snap killer views of Quebec City, have a picnic, and dive into some soulful reflection. And hey, after that, explore Old Town Lévis for a taste of local life. These forts? They’re not just history lessons; they’re a whole adventure waiting to happen!

How to Get to Fort No. 1 and Fort No. 2?
These forts are easily accessible by foot from Old Town Lévis. Just follow the promenade along the river, and you’ll reach these historical sites in no time.

These forts hold a significant place in Canada’s military history and offer captivating insights into the area’s past. Plus, the panoramic views of Quebec City are stunning from here!

3. Experience the Chaudière Falls

If you’re visiting Levis, brace yourself for the breathtaking experience of Chaudière Falls. Just a stone’s throw away in Ottawa-Gatineau, this natural wonder is a must-see. Free to explore and easy to reach via bike, bus, or a leisurely walk along the Ottawa River Pathway, it’s a serene escape.

But it’s more than just a scenic spot—it’s steeped in history. From being a meeting place for Canada’s First Nations to playing a vital role in Bytown’s lumber era, it’s got tales to share. And those hydro stations nearby? They’re buzzing with sustainable energy.

Join in and add a touch of history and nature to your Levis visit. Chaudière Falls—where a slice of the past meets the beauty of the present!

How to Get to Chaudière Falls?

Getting to Chaudière Falls is a breeze! Whether you’re in Ottawa or Gatineau, reaching this natural wonder is simple.

By Bike: Enjoy a scenic ride along the Ottawa River Pathway. It’s a pleasant journey leading you straight to the falls.

By Bus: Hop on the OC Transpo Route 44 and relax as it takes you directly to this serene spot.

On Foot: Take a leisurely stroll along Booth-Eddy streets corridor or the Ottawa River Pathway for a peaceful approach to the falls.

4. Indulge in Local Cuisine

If you’re craving local flavors, you’ve got to check out Scores and Shakes Cuisine & Mixologie! At Scores, it’s all about that famous Rotisserie chicken and finger-lickin’ back ribs—they’ve been serving up deliciousness since ’95. Fresh, quality food is their jam, and they’re all about being eco-friendly too, with electric car deliveries and recyclable packaging.

Now, if you’re into chic vibes and killer cocktails, Shakes Cuisine & Mixologie is your spot! Picture this: gourmet burgers, sizzling steaks, and tasty seafood in a cool industrial setting. It’s the go-to place for everything from business lunches to a fancy night out. Find it at 1100, boul. Maloney O., Gatineau, Québec—trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

How to Get to Local Eateries?
Lévis boasts an array of fantastic restaurants, many within walking distance in Old Town. From cozy cafés to fine dining establishments, there’s something for every palate.

Don’t miss out on trying poutine, a classic Quebecois dish of fries, cheese curds, and gravy. It’s a local favorite and oh-so-delicious!

5. Visit the Terrasse de Lévis

Have you heard about the Terrasse de Lévis in Quebec City? It’s this incredible spot that’s just bursting with charm and amazing views!

Picture this: you’re standing on this historic promenade, right along the cliffs of Cap Diamant, overlooking the stunning St. Lawrence River and the majestic Château Frontenac.

And oh, during sunrise or sunset, the sky puts on a show with vibrant colours—it’s like nature’s canvas!

What’s so cool about this place is that it’s not just about the views (though they’re mind-blowing!). It’s a buzzing hub of activity!

You’ve got street performers doing their thing, talented artists showcasing their work, and a vibe that’s just so alive and vibrant. Plus, it’s the perfect starting point to explore the Lower Town, thanks to the funicular connecting the two areas.

Whether you’re up for a leisurely stroll, soaking in the breathtaking scenery, or diving into the lively atmosphere, the Terrasse de Lévis is THE spot that captures Quebec City’s essence in the most delightful way possible. Trust me, it’s a gem you don’t want to miss!

How to Get to Terrasse de Lévis?

This viewing terrace is easily reachable on foot from Old Town Lévis. Just follow the signs, and you’ll soon find yourself at this picturesque spot.

The Terrasse offers unparalleled views of Quebec City, especially during sunset. It’s the perfect place for a romantic evening or simply to relax and take in the breathtaking scenery.

Final Words

Levis, Quebec—a delightful blend of history and scenic beauty!

From wandering the historic Fort No. 1 to savouring local flavours at Avenue Bégin, every moment feels enriching. The Chaudière River’s serene views and Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière’s trails immerse you in nature’s embrace.

Oh, and the breathtaking sight of Quebec City from Terrasse de Lévis—unforgettable! In Levis, every step echoes with the charm of discovery and leaves a mark on your heart.

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