9+ Ways To Make Money Blogging In 2024

Hey guys, Today I am going to tell you about the various way to earn money through Blogging.

Nowadays, the new bloggers have the mindset of earning from Google AdSense only but it is not the whole picture. There are numerous ways to make money from blogging and it will become a good income to even manage your living expense.

I will explain to you how much you can earn through blogging and what are the different ways you can follow to achieve your dream income goal and build a strong personal finance portfolio. But in order to succeed you have to be very serious and passionate about what you are doing.

Do not do this just for the sake of earning a few dollars because it will never ever work. The blogging field needs a huge amount of patience and smart work along with your hard work during the initial days.

Here are the 9 ways to make money from Blogging.

Sell Ads Placement

Selling Ads Placement is providing a particular area or space of your website to a brand or a business in exchange for money.

When you create a website for a particular niche. For an instance, if your niche is based on a particular topic that is cricket, football or any other game then the people who deal with sports products, will try to contact a decent website.

They even try to enter into a contract with them for a specific period of time with a decent rate per month.

After that they place their ads permanently on a particular area on your website’s page so that it will increase their future revenue as well increase you income per month.

The price rating is fully dependent on you and your website’s traffic per month. So, in this way you can also increase your earnings from using your blogger.


When you start your blog, try putting as much effort as you can for 5 to 10 months. You will definitely start driving a good amount of traffic on your website.

This traffic will help you in attracting sponsors to your website to promote as well as review their product or service on your page in a very informative way. This will help them to increase their sales.

The company will provide you with a particular referral link through which the customers will buy the product and it will help you to get a commission.

These commissions are higher than the general commission rate which is decided by you and the brand’s owner. The brand will only give you leverage if the traffic is high on your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is selling someone’s product using your audience and in exchange, the brand will offer your commission on each qualified sale.

As in this modern generation, bloggers definitely know about different ways to make from affiliate marketing which is also a huge source of income for many new bloggers who are earning more than $900 to over $1500 per month and that is a huge amount as a newcomer.

So there are a thousand numbers of companies that are using bloggers to increase their sales.

The companies like Amazon, Flipkart, E-bay, Hostinger and many more companies use this platform. And in return, they share a particular commission rate depending on the product.

So what you need to do is just Sign UP on a particular affiliate program of any company that you like and promote their product on your website by giving the link and enjoy your commissions.

So, if your AdSense is not getting its approval then don’t take stress. Just follow this nine steps and you can earn a good living.

Offer Services

People are making $25 to $1000 per hour by offering a variety of services to your audience.

You must be wondering what kind of service you can offer. Well, if you are working as a blogger for a long time now, you must have seen different ups and downs as a blogger.

For example, while writing content for your blog, you must have learned the art of writing SEO Friendly articles that have high chances of ranking. If not content writing then Email Marketing is a crucial part of maintaining your monthly readers to your blog.

You can choose any of the following sections and help other new people to start their blogging journey. The best part of this service is that you don’t need any investment to bring customers as many of your readers are willing to learn from you and are ready to pay money if they are trusting your work.

Another advantage of offering services is you can charge per month or per hour depending upon what suits you the best. Some people even take the money before offering the service and people are ready to pay them because they have created trust within their audience.

Sell E-Books

Sell E-books
Sell E-books

Did you know that a lot of Authors and Bloggers create online product and sell it on their blog?

E-Books are the best online product in the 21st century where people are earning $5 to $40+ depending on the quality of the book and the trust they have built so far. Selling on Amazon is also easy but people rarely gonna buy $40+ books to read.

You can choose any topic where you have good expertise as it helps you to add more detail. You can divide the whole module into chapters and make it a guidebook where people can start and learn from zero to advance level.

You can sell your book easily on your blog by installing plugins but to get the best result always go for paid one as you need to preserve your audience’s personal details from scammers or hackers.

Sell Online Courses

Sell Online Courses
Sell Online Courses

Selling Online Courses is a terrific approach to making passive money blogging since it allows you to teach recorded or live sessions and sell them at a reasonable price.

When compared to an E-Book, courses are typically considerably more expensive to purchase. You can design any course in which you have extensive expertise and experience.

When building your course, you must consider the modules for the course as well as the study resources that you wish to provide your students with, such as Templates, E-books, Important Links, and Downloads.

To make your course more valuable, you can hold live sessions with your students in which you directly assist them with their studies or business (Whatever you are offering). It enables you to sell your course at multiple pricing points by categorizing it into two parts: Basic Plan and Advance Plan.

However, bear in mind that you must deliver more value to your readers than you are charging. Otherwise, they might feel cheated, which may have a negative impact on your personal brand.

Ads Network

It is a very common thing that when any new blogger starts their Blog or Website they usually try to approve their google AdSense. As it is one of the most reliable ad networks and pays bloggers in two ways i.e, impression and click-on ads.

But what if your website or blog did not get the approval then?

You can go through this ad network like Sovrn, Info link, Media net and much more different sites than can help you to earn without the approval of AdSense.

You must also know that the pay scale of these companies is far better than Google AdSense.

As Google takes 45% of your total generated revenue which is seriously not accepted as it’s a lot of hard work needed to create plagiarism-free content.

Start a Consulting Business 

Consulting is a great your to share your experience or expertise in any niche (i.e, SEO, Paid Marketing or Sales etc.)

Instead of providing a different kind of service (where you have to sit for several hours), you can help businesses by offering consultation. Here you offer advice and strategies for their business to grow depending on your market understanding and experience.

For example, If you have a good understanding of investment and personal finance then you can work as a Financial Advisor where you can make $10,000 to $30,000 working part-time or maybe a few hours.

This business model allows you to work as a Freelancer and does not need any investment. If you are a blogger then you can promote your consulting business to your audience.

All you have to do is to create a form where people have to fill in their details in order to acquire the consultation service.

Start Dropshipping

If you are interested in selling products online but don’t want to deal with the packaging and shipment then Dropshipping will be a great option for your blog.

Dropshipping is the practice of selling things to clients without spending any money in advance (i.e., investing in a warehouse or hiring a packing employee) since all of the packaging and shipping is handled by a third party that delivers the product after the transactions are completed.

You can use various platform to sell products on your blog that suits your niche. Here you won’t take any risk for sales by investing a lot of money on advertisement or promotion as you already have an audience.

You can get a profit margin of 25 to 60 percent depending on your product and the demand.


Now you can see that there are many ways from which you can monetize your blog and make a good monthly revenue. I know it required a little more investment of hard work and time but the payout is worth it.

The best way to make money through a blog is to solve the problems that people are facing with a piece of genuine advice or product. Here you are not just selling any other random product or service but you are finding a cure to make their life easy.

This is the only way by which you can attract a lot of followers and once you have the audience or followers then apply these 9 ways to make money from your blog. 

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