Financial Habit Important for Financial Freedom

Why Are Financial Habits Important For Financial Freedom?

Financial habits have a significant impact on your current financial condition as well as your financial stability in the future. There are lots of people who earn six figures a year yet they are buried in debt.

Isn’t it true that the Covid 19 has turned our financial world upside down? Many people are sailing in the same boat, trying to figure out how to get out or manage finances.

When you obtain strong financial abilities and information, life becomes easier. Unfortunately, many of us do not have them. They frequently deal with concerns such as mounting debt, financial emergencies, and excessive spending, to name a few.

If you don’t have any savings and spend more than you earn, it’s time to break your bad spending patterns and start practising healthy financial practices. It makes a tremendous difference in your financial future if you have good money habits. Here I’ll tell u exactly how to build good financial habits.

What Is Financial Habit?

A habit is a behaviour pattern that is followed on a regular basis. A person’s financial decisions and challenges are controlled by specific patterns, attitudes, customs, routine behaviours, and limits, which are referred to as financial habits. This enables one to handle the money properly and respond quickly to cash flow or issues.

Why Are Financial Habits Important?

Good money or financial habits can help you build wealth and put yourself up for financial success. It will assist you in learning how to budget, save money, and achieve your financial objectives. So, now you must want to change unhealthy habits and start making new ones.


 Mindset plays a significant role in wealth accumulation. How you deal with financial obstacles is largely determined by your thinking. A child with a growth mindset has a strong drive to study and work hard in order to find new things. This frequently translates into academic success. To become wealthy, you must have the drive to create solid financial habits.

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Know Where Your Stand

You must first determine your starting point before you can craft a budget.

How much money do you make each month? How much money do you have now? How much money do you spend on a monthly basis? What is the total amount of added charges you are paying?

There are many online tools that will present you with a financial picture if you enter all of your information

Money comes in and money leaves. Neglecting finances and leaving them to chance, a little math can help us to assess your present financial situation and figure out how to achieve your short- and long-term financial objectives. Creating a personal budget or spending plan is also crucial. Create a budget on a monthly or annual basis to help you plan for future costs, cut down on wasteful spending, and save for future goals.

Your budget’s revenue and cost categories will vary depending on your circumstances, and they may alter over time.

If your expenses exceed your income, you must adapt your budget by either increasing your income (working longer hours or taking on a second job) or reducing your expenses. 

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Realize The Difference Between ‘Needs’ And ‘Wants

Always keep in mind the gap between your needs and your desires. It will assist you in spending wisely. Needs are the things you need to survive, whereas wants are the things you want but aren’t essential for survival. Prioritize your own budget’s needs. You can set aside spare funds for your wants once all of your needs have been addressed.

Hard Cash

Shopping without a credit card is one of the best financial habits you can develop. When you choose to withdraw cash, you will only spend money on the items you wanted to purchase in the first place Plus, handing over your hard-earned cash in person rather than swiping your card acts as a reality check. You will know how much you are paying. 

Plan Emergency Fund

Money needs to be laid up for a rainy day. The fund is meant to assist you in paying for expenses that aren’t generally covered by your personal budget. This covers unanticipated costs like car repairs or a last-minute trip, If your income is stopped, it might also assist you to cover your monthly costs. 

Each person’s emergency fund will be unique. In the event of an emergency, it is commonly recommended to have six months’ worth of costs saved.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is an important factor to consider: When it comes to your financial well-being, the proverb “prevention is better than cure” is especially true. You can’t escape the rising number of health-related problems. Furthermore, rising healthcare costs have made health insurance a necessity, so one has to plan for it. 

Learn To Say “No” To Yourself /Kid

When you’re out shopping, this is crucial. It’s all about gaining control over impulse purchases. You’re out and you notice something you like and decide to buy it because it’s not too expensive. Nowadays you can buy products online and have them delivered to your house in a matter of days. If you do this many times a week, the money you spend increases quickly, agree!!

On any transaction, especially online, I use a method known as the 72 Hour Rule If you truly want to buy something, put it in your cart and wait 72 hours before buying it. After three days, you should have a clear grasp of whether you truly need the thing or whether you just desire it 

Boost Your Credit Rating

There’s always space for development, whether your present score is fantastic or not. Making on-time payments and avoiding credit cards are two crucial steps. Credit rating has a big impact on your score, so don’t charge anything you can’t afford to pay off every month. If you’re low on funds, go over your budget to see where else you can cut costs, or ask friends or relatives for a short-term loan.

Maintain Your Current Position, Even If Your Pay Rises.

Staying stuck in the same area might be difficult for some people. Upgrades to a bigger, nicer property can be enticing when faced with a promotion or a new job.

Consider the value of learning to live within your means rather than going in blindly. Continue to pay your present home’s mortgage or rent while putting money into your savings or investment accounts. You’ll improve your total financial outlook faster if you stay there and save extra money than if you relocate to a larger, more expensive property.

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Accountability Partner

Hold yourself accountable for your financial habits since they will only become habits if you stick to them. If you know this will be difficult, get the support of someone you can trust to keep you on track. Having someone else keep you in check, whether it’s a parent, best friend, neighbour, or mentor.


There is a quote from F.M.Alexancer – “People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures” I truly agree with his words. 

It might take years to create solid financial habits, but the benefits of being responsible with your money are well worth it.  When people have financial difficulties, it is frequently the result of a series of poor decisions that combine to create long-term problems.

To safeguard your financial future, you must be able to recognize negative financial habits and comprehend how to avoid making the same mistakes on a frequent basis. It is acceptable to make financial errors. Allowing those mistakes to become long-term poor habits is not acceptable.

I wish you the Best of luck in developing sound financial habits.

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