Invest In Pokémon Cards

Are Pokémon Cards A Good Investment?

How you will react if I tell you that you make $10,000 to over $1,00,000 just by selling Pokémon card?

I know it’s hard to digest but there are people who are paying thousands of dollars to buy these card. Logic, an American rapper and music producer has payed $220,554 for a Pokémon card in 2020 which is then followed by Logan Paul, an American Youtube with 23+ millions subscriber bought a Pokémon card for $5,275,000.

I know its almost like paying for a villa in West Vancouver, an elite place of Canada Millionaire or buying a pent house in Vancouver.

But you must be wondering if investing such huge amount on these cards will be worth it or not. Let’s understand how Pokémon Cards can be a good Investment In 2023.

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History of Pokémon Cards

Pokémon Cards was first published in the month of October 1996 by Media Factory in Japan which was later published by Wizards of the Coast in 2003. According to The Pokémon Company’s official website, more than 43.2 Billion cards are in circulation globally.

Are Pokémon Car’s Are Still Popular?

Yes, Pokémon cards are still very popular as the company still have a dedicated fanbase since its initial launch in 1996. The Pokémon Company is still published new cards that make it famous between both kids and adults, who are still collecting cards, participating in tournament and engaging in casual game play.

The popularity of Pokémon card popularity is being fueled by online communities, social media platform, YouTuber’s such Logan Paul investing millions in cards and rappers like Logic.

What Return Can I Expect From Investment On Pokemon Cards?

Investing is Pokémon cards can offer you high return but it is crucial to note that these investment comes with market volatility and can be influenced by multiple benefits such as value appreciate, cultural and nostalgic appeal, global market, limited supply, diversification and tangible and collectible assets.

Value Appreciation

Pokémon Cards are rare which is an important driver behind the high value these cards in Pokémon Card market. Cards which are first-edition, holographic card or limited prints are hard to find and thats makes potential buyers to pay more than the listed price.

Cultural And Nostalgic

Pokémon have a strong fan base of people who are born after 1990s that is current reason behind the ongoing demand for Pokémon’s cards. Addition it have a strong cultural presence and nostalgic value for people worldwide.

Global Market

As we all know that Pokémon cards are globally recognized which gives a bigger share in the market. In simple words, if you ever choose to sell your cards, you have your local market as well as international market that can increase the price of your cards.


Diversifying your invest portfolio is very crucial for any investment portfolio and investing your money in an individual stock or assets can be very risk. Here, Pokémon cards carry more risk as compared to a diversified investment portfolio.

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How To Sell Bulk Pokemon Card and Make Serious Money?

Selling bulk Pokémon card to make serious money is not joke. There are possibilities that you may end up selling highly valued card at a lower price or your profit margin is very low because the current market demand for these cards has been changed.

Here are few steps that can help your in selling your cards to make serious money.

1. Sort and Organize

The first crucial step before entering in the market for selling is to sort and organize your cards by grouping them into sets, present condition and rarity. It will help you identifying valuable or desirable cards that are highly demanded.

2. Research Card Values

Start researching about each card value by using marketplace, online communities, auction place to determine the current cards value and the highest value you can get. It will help you in building the right pricing for all the cards depend on their condition.

3. Separate Valuable Cards

Now start separating the cards which are high valued and set it aside. You can identify the highly valued card by checking the rarity, holographic, check the collector number and first edition.

4. Card Grading

Companies like PSA or Beckett grade cards based on their authenticity and present condition by providing cards encapsulated in a protective case that can fetch you higher market price. Collect all the valuable cards in excellent condition and do a professional card grading.

5. Look For Selling Options

It is crucial to explore all the selling option available in the market. There are also social media influencer and website that can help you in selling your cards at high rate with a commission cut.

Few ways to sell Pokémon cards are:

  • Marketplace
  • Local Cards Shops
  • Trading Forum
  • Online Communities
  • Social Media
  • Cards Selling Websites
  • Auction

6. Marketing and Presentation

After completing all the necessary steps, start listing your cards by providing accurate information about the cards. Accurate information include the date (if it is first-edition), card’s present condition, sets and any specific features.

When listing your cards for sale, ensure you provide clear and accurate descriptions, including the set, condition, and any notable features of the cards. High-quality photos showcasing the cards’ condition can also attract potential buyers.

7. Patience and Negotiation

Selling your bulk collection of Pokémon cards can be a challenging task. Therefore, Having patience and good negotiation skills can be an assets that will help you getting the highest return possible. I recommend you to start pricing reasonably and open the option for people to bid. This will increase the demand and the pricing of your cards.

Final Words

Pokémon cards are a great option to invest your but the market is more volatile as compared to other investment options. You can also start investing your money in stock market that can be a great path towards financial freedom.

Additionally, I highly recommend you not to invest your money into specific Pokémon card based on people advice. As not all the cards are highly valuable with a higher demand in the global market. Finally, before make large investment into Pokémon card, do consult with your financial advisor and do research about the market trend.

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