Get Unskilled Job In Canada

How To Get Unskilled Job In Canada?

Trying to find an unskilled job in Canada is as difficult as finding a skilled job. I am talking from my experience of Job search as a student in Canada.

It felt like ages as I was jobless for more than 7 months in a year just because I was not able to find a suitable job that fulfill my job search. This is where I understand that starting a new life in a different country takes a lot of time, effort and hard work but finding a job taken additional effort.

In case you have some specific skills, then you can try seeking work from home jobs or maybe start a side hustle to make passive money which will help you to manage your expenses as a student or immigrant in Canada.

So, I will try my best to help you find unskilled job in Canada as an immigrant or student.

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How Do You Qualify For Unskilled Job?

Qualifying for an unskilled job is far more easier then skilled jobs. In an unskilled job, the employer is looking for an individual to fulfill the basic requirement implemented by the Canadian government.

Requirements To Qualify For Unskilled Job

Age Requirement

As per the government of Canada, the individual looking for unskilled job must be of minimum age as some jobs needs extra precautions and legal restrictions.

Legally Work

You must hold a legal status to work in Canada. For example, if you are coming as a student you can work 20 Hours per week and for people on work permit can work any number of hours.


Education is not a crucial factor in unskilled jobs but having a high school diploma or equivalent is required by maximum employers.

Physical Fitness

There are few jobs that require you to be physically fit to perform tasks. Jobs that require physical fitness are warehouse, gym, kitchen, deliver guy and many more.

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Availability and Flexibility

Employers in Canada often prefer people with maximum availability which means that you are available whole week and any time to go to work. Some example of shifts are morning shifts, evening shifts, overnight shifts.

Basic Skills

While unskilled jobs doesn’t need any specific skills but there are chances that few jobs may ask you question like, Do you know Math? Can you read or write? Also they will try to check your communication skills to see if you are the right candidate for the business or not.


Work Experience is not mandatory but if you have some work experience in your home country then it will be easier for you to get job much faster and the wage will be much high as compared to others.

How can a foreigner get a job in Canada for an unskilled worker?

To get a job in Canada as a foreigner, you can simple apply for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) which is time consuming and expensive option. But if you are working in a company who have their brand in Canada, you can simply contact your manager to see they can help you in getting any job position in Canadian office.

However, if you are trying to get a job all by yourself then there are low chances that a Canadian Employer will hire you and bear all the expenses and effort to hire any individual with minimum skills.

Additionally, there are Canadian agents and Lawyers who can help you in getting a LMIA based job but the cost will be anywhere between $30,000 to upto $60,000 which is not worth it.

5 Unskilled Job For Foreigners In Canada

How Much Do Unskilled Job Pays You In Canada?

What Is The Highest Paying Unskilled Job In Canada?

The highest paying unskilled job in Canada is limited to few industries such as mining, oil and gas extraction. Also, there is a high potential to grow if you try to stick in these industries for a long period of time. However, it is crucial to note that there are some “unskilled” jobs which may require you to gain some experience or training.

Few High Paying Unskilled Job In Canada

  1. Oil Rig Worker
  2. Mining Industry Worker
  3. Power Plant Operator
  4. Truck Driver

It is recommended to do proper research and consider potential risks, work condition and demand associated with these high paying unskilled jobs in Canada. And the wages may very depending on the province or region, industry and employer so try to be updated with the current market trend.

Final Words

Getting a job without any skills will be challenging but try to fulfill atleast basic requirements that allows employers to consider your application. Also, do consider building your LinkedIn Profile and connecting with people in your industry which will open more opportunities.

However, keep in mind that the wages may vary depending on various factors such as region, employer, industry and work experience. I know the process will be complicated but consulting with an immigration expert about the immigration process and local employment authorities about the job process will be beneficial.

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