22 Best Jobs That Pay Well Without Degree

22 Best Jobs That Pay Well Without Degree

Right off the bat, there are quite a few people in our lives that we look up to and envy for the life they have. Though they have achieved a great deal, however, did you know that most of them never even managed to get a bachelor’s degree?

Yes, you heard that right! These individuals have etched their names on our minds by taking the lesser-known path and achieving something that we couldn’t have imagined doing without securing a degree.

With that said, many satisfying careers do not require a college degree, however, you need some sort of educational background. Despite what your culture, parents, or even your inner critic may tell you, here are the 22 best jobs that pay well without a degree.

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Solar Photovoltaic Installer

These individuals are responsible for installing and maintaining solar power systems, which capture energy from the sun.

For starters, this job requires you to travel to various locations, including residences and offices. If you like being physically active and spending time outside, this could be the perfect opportunity.

The need for people with this skill set will only grow as the use of this particular energy source becomes more widespread. For the record, stats say that a growth rate of 51 percent is expected every year, which is astounding.

Average salary: $46,470

Prerequisites: high school diploma, on-job training

Job Growth: 51% annually

Sound Engineering Technician

Job growth: 9%

Sound technicians are responsible for installing and operating sound equipment during media events. Radio, television, recording studios, and the motion picture industry are the most typical places to find jobs as a sound technician.

This kind of high-energy, fast-paced profession requires a lot of travel and often demands you to work on the weekends.

Average salary: $47,420

Prerequisites: A Post-Secondary Certificate of completion or An Associate Degree

Job Growth: 9% Annually

Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed practical nurses, aka LPNs, collaborate alongside registered nurses and other medical professionals to provide patient care. They do tasks such as taking vital signs, administering medicine, and filling out paperwork.

As opposed to RNs, licensed practical nurses do not need to have a college degree. You may enroll in a vocational school that offers training courses to acquire the appropriate skills, and that’s all!

Average salary: $48,820

Prerequisites: A Post-Secondary Certificate or Diploma.

Job Growth: 9% Annually


This time-honoured occupation isn’t seeing much expansion, yet it continues to be one of the most popular jobs in 2022. It calls for individuals to use wood to carve out beautiful and functional pieces of furniture.

Apprenticeships, both official and informal, are common ways for carpenters to gain experience and knowledge.

Average salary: $49,520

Prerequisites: Apprenticeship and High School Diploma.

Job Growth: 0% Annually

Surgical Technologist

When a medical procedure is into effect, surgical technicians work alongside surgeons and nurses. They will ensure that the operating room is ready for the procedure, by preparing all of the equipment and providing the surgeons with the tools they will need for the procedure.

Average salary: $46,470

Prerequisites: A Post-Secondary Certificate or Associate’s Degree.

Job Growth: 7% Annually

Real Estate Agent

When customers want to purchase or sell houses, their first preference is to engage with real estate agents. For starters, real estate transactions are dependent on commissions.

It means that your earnings are directly proportional to the amount of business you bring in. To expand your presence, you may choose to put in a lot of hours and effort, or you can choose to work on a more flexible and part-time schedule.

If you want to be successful as a real estate agent, you need to be skilled in interacting with people and making sales.

Average salary: $51,220

Prerequisites: A High School Diploma; beyond that, State requirements for Licensure might vary.

Job Growth: 2% Annually

Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet metal workers are crucial to the construction industry and the industrial sector in general. They fabricate and install various goods using thin sheets of metal.

With that said, it is physically demanding work that regularly includes crouching, bending, and lifting.

Average salary: $51,370

Prerequisites: Apprenticeship and High School Diploma

Job Growth: 1% Annually


As children, when we were asked what we want to be when we grow up, many of us unanimously screamed ‘fire serviceman’. It’s an absolute no-brainer that firefighters are heroes without capes.

Their job includes putting out hazardous flames, which save human and animal lives, buildings, and the environment.

Without that said, becoming a firefighter is pretty competitive as it requires you to get certified as an emergency medical technician (EMT).

Average salary: $52,500

Prerequisites: A Post Secondary Certificate or Diploma

Job Growth: 6% Annually


Plumbers install and repair pipe systems in houses, factories, commercial, and industrial buildings.

As plumbers are the first responders to emergency calls (there is nothing more inconvenient than a broken toilet!), they typically work on evenings and weekends only as most of them are part-timers.

Average salary: $56,330

Prerequisites: Apprenticeship and High School Diploma

Job Growth: 4% Annually


If you find that working with wires piques your interest (excuse the pun), then you should probably think about becoming an electrician.

You may get on-the-job training by enrolling in a vocational school or searching for an apprenticeship opportunity. Electricians are responsible for supplying buildings, residences, and transmission lines with electrical power.

Average salary: $56,600

Prerequisites: Apprenticeship and High School Diploma

Job Growth: 8% Annually

Assistant in Occupational Therapy

Helping individuals acquire and improve skills necessary for daily life and employment is the primary focus of occupational therapy.

Most occupational therapy sessions occur either after an individual has been involved in an accident or with elderly patients who need assistance with everyday duties in and around their homes.

Patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and therapy offices may benefit from the collaborative efforts of occupational therapy assistants, who work alongside licensed therapists and medical professionals.

It is a dynamic and engaging field of employment that offers many opportunities to collaborate with other individuals.

Average salary: $60,850

Prerequisites: An Associate Degree

Job Growth: 32% Annually

Executive Assistant

Executive assistants provide support to executives working in corporations or charitable organizations.

They are responsible for managing the executive’s calendar, communicating on the executive’s behalf, and carrying out a broad range of office chores to ensure the smooth operation of the business.

They are the ones that provide support and assistance to the most influential people in any particular company behind the scenes. 

Average salary: $63,170

Prerequisites: High School Diploma

Job Growth: 20% Annually

Radiologic and MRI Technologist

Radiographs and magnetic resonance imaging scans (MRIs and x-rays) are both diagnostic pieces of equipment that assist medical professionals in taking a good peek at the human body’s interior.

Techs are the professionals that perform the tests and work with doctors to gather the information required to make a proper diagnosis and treat patients successfully. They also collaborate with physicians to get the data necessary to establish a diagnosis and treat patients.

Average salary: $63,710

Prerequisites: An Associate Degree

Job Growth: 7% Annually

Sales Representative for Wholesale and Manufacturing Companies

Sales representatives may find employment in many businesses and product categories. People who have completed their high school education may qualify for this purpose.

On the flip side, if you are interested in working with more technically advanced products, such as medical devices, you may be required to have a bachelor’s degree.

Average salary: $65,620

Prerequisites: Varies, On-The-Job Training Required

Job Growth: 2% Annually

Members of the Police Force, Including Detectives

A career in law enforcement is challenging, thrilling, and rewarding all at once. In this, protecting people entrusted to your care, apprehending the perpetrators of the crime, and resolving the situation are the primary priorities to handle.

We have already seen that there are many jobs available that need nothing more than a high school diploma. However, in this job, certain employers prefer candidates who have earned an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Average salary: $67,290

Prerequisites: Varies

Job Growth: 5% Annually

Web Developer

While designing and curating websites, web developers bring together a unique blend of technical and artistic touches. right off the bat, this is a career in great demand.

You might also become a freelancer and work for clients if you are ready to put in the effort to build strong relationships. Additionally, this is quite lucrative.

Average salary: $77,200

Prerequisites: An Associate Degree

Job Growth: 8% Annually

Aerospace Technician

If you have always been interested in flying and also take pleasure in doing technical tasks, you might think about pursuing a career as an aerospace mechanic.

In this, you will be working on an aircraft or spacecraft to test and calibrate different systems and install and repair a variety of components.

Average salary: $68,570

Prerequisites: An Associate Degree

Job Growth: 7% Annually

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer/Cardiovascular Technologists

Sonographers use several pieces of medical equipment to take pictures of human organs, tissues, and blood vessels. These images allow doctors to understand better what is happening inside of patients’ bodies.

Cardiovascular technologists collaborate alongside cardiologists to carry out sophisticated treatments relating to patients’ hearts, such as the implantation of pacemakers and stents. They also assist in performing diagnostic tests to identify heart health issues in people.

As employment in this field will increase at a greater rate than the national average, you should have no trouble finding work if you want to pursue this path.

Average salary: $70,380

Prerequisites: An Associate Degree

Job Growth: 12% Annually

Air Traffic Controller

The job of guiding aviation traffic from the ground is exciting as well as high stakes for air traffic controllers.

Air traffic controllers often work on evenings and weekends too, because of the need to keep up with travel schedules. Ensuring that passengers may take off, travel, and land safely is a challenging task that also has a satisfying consequence.

Average salary: $130,420

Prerequisites: An Associate Degree.

Job Growth: 1% Annually

Dental Hygienist

Though some of us may neglect this, a job as a dental hygienist is quite lucrative. You get the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your patients by taking care of their oral health.

Patients get screened, x-rays get taken, plaque gets removed from teeth, and then counselled about proper hygiene and nutritional practices.

If you want to pursue this, the majority of programs may end in three years. And to work in the field, you will need to pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Exam.

Average salary: $77,090

Prerequisites: An Associate Degree

Job Growth: 6% Annually

Nuclear Engineer or Operator

Nuclear technicians spend their days and nights working at nuclear power facilities, where they monitor and operate nuclear reactors with the assistance of computers and similar pieces of machinery.

They collaborate closely with researchers in the scientific and engineering fields. Bear in mind that while this career provides a huge income source, as it is on the decline, job security is pretty low for the foreseeable future.

Average salary: $84,190

Prerequisites: An Associate Degree

Job Growth: -19% Annually

Installer and Repairer of Lifts and Escalators

This is one of those strange, odd occupations that most people don’t give a second thought to. It turns out that jobs that require working with your bare hands (almost) may pay well.

One such job is installing and repairing elevators. It should be no surprise that they often labour in confined places while being exposed to heavy gear.

They must maintain a 24-hour availability in case of emergency repairs. However, if you have vertigo aka fear of heights, you really shouldn’t consider this career option.

Average salary: $88,540

Prerequisites: High School Diploma

Job Growth: 7% annually


As we have seen, there are a plethora of jobs and work-from-home jobs that pay you way above average and do not require you to have a degree. All you need to do is have the right mindset and at least a high school education qualification, and you’re good to go!

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