Security Job In Canada

Is It Easy To Find Security Job In Canada?

Finding a security job that matches your skills and interest can be an exciting but challenging endeavour. Whether you are an experienced security professional or just starting out, the process of finding job required you to take a smart approach.

Today, I will share essential insights and practical suggestions to better your job search experience, from utilizing networking platforms to tapping into industry-specific channels and exploring professional relationships. So, let’s dive into the key points and strategies to help you secure a job.

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What Are The Responsibilities In Security Job?

Security job have a wide range of role and responsibilities which vary on the specific location and what kind of security job you are doing. Here are the list of responsibility in Security job.

  • Ensure the security and safety of people, places, and resources.
  • Control access to restricted locations and confirm identity and credentials.
  • Effective emergency response includes helping with medical or evacuation emergencies.
  • Keep records of any incidents, mishaps, and suspicious activity.
  • Patrols and surveillance system monitoring are done to look for and stop security breaches.
  • During events, control crowds, uphold the law, and protect the general public.
  • While interacting with the public, provide first-rate customer service.
  • Enforce security rules and practices, verifying compliance and reporting infractions.
  • Attend training seminars on security or conduct them yourself to educate staff members or others.
  • Collaborate with law enforcement to resolve security concerns and provide assistance with investigations.

5 Step To Consider For Security Job In Canada

1. Certification

In Canada, security personnel are typically required to obtain a security guard license or certification, which involves completing training programs and passing an examination. The requirements for certification may vary slightly between provinces and territories. Having the necessary certification will increase your chances of finding employment.

2. Experience

Prior experience in security or a related field can be beneficial when seeking a security job in Canada. If you have relevant experience, it can enhance your prospects and make the job search process easier.

3. Job Market

The availability of security jobs can vary depending on the region and the current demand for security personnel. It’s recommended to research the job market in the specific area of Canada where you intend to work. Larger cities and urban areas may have more opportunities, but competition for positions could be higher as well.

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4. Start Building Networks

Building professional connections and networking within the security industry can be advantageous. Engage with security organizations, attend job fairs, and connect with individuals already working in the field. Networking can often lead to job opportunities and provide you with valuable insights about the industry.

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5. Additional Qualifications

Acquiring additional qualifications such as first aid and CPR certifications or specialized training in areas like crowd control, surveillance systems, or emergency response can make you a more competitive candidate.

5 Types Of Security Job

1. Security Guard/Officer

As a Security Guard or Officer, you are responsible for maintaining a specific location where you need to patrol the area, keep an eye on security cameras, follow security protocols, and handle emergencies. Security personnel can operate in a range of places, including office buildings, retail establishments, hospitals, schools, and event locations.

2. Loss Prevention Officer

Loss prevention officers are specialized on avoiding theft, fraud, and other losses in a retail or business setting. To prevent losses and safeguard corporate property, they keep an eye on surveillance systems, conduct investigations, detain suspects as needed, and put security measures in place.

3. Cybersecurity Analyst

With the rising frequency of cyber threats, cybersecurity analysts play a critical role in protecting computer systems, networks, and data from unwanted access or attacks. To protect the information technology infrastructure, they monitor systems for vulnerabilities, put security measures in place, look into security incidents, and establish strategies.

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4. Private Investigator

Private investigators are contracted to perform investigations on behalf of individuals, businesses, or legal entities. They acquire data, carry out surveillance, do background checks, and compile evidence for a variety of reasons, including criminal defense, insurance claims, or private affairs. In their employment, private investigators are required to abide with the law and ethical standards.

5. Event Security Specialist

Event security specialists are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of attendees, staff, and property during events such as concerts, sporting events, conferences, or festivals. They manage crowd control, screen for prohibited items, handle emergency situations, and coordinate with event organizers, law enforcement, and other relevant parties to maintain a secure environment.

How Long Does It Take To Get Security License In Canada?

To get Security license In Canada, you have to successfully complete a professional training of 40 hours. During the professional training of security guard job, they you teach you about Legal and ethical consideration, rule and regulation of the city, Emergency response and First AID and many more.

How Much Security Job Pay In Canada?

According to Statistics from Talent, a security can make an average of $17 per hour which is estimated to be $33,150 per year. But as an entry level professional, you can make $29,250 per year whereas an experienced security can get $45,456 per year on average.

For example, when my friend started working as a Security Guard, he was getting $16 per house but after getting two year of experience in this field, now they have increased his pay to $22 per hour.

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Is Security Job Risky?

Uncertain. Security jobs do acquire some level of risk which depend on the role and environment. In some case, you are given the duty in a remote area where the risk is higher as compared to working in a retail store or building security. However, security organization follows a strict employee safety policy and they also provide training and equipment.

Final Words

Finding a Security Guard job is a time-consuming process as you have to get security license to meet the minimum job requirement as well as you to research about the security job availability in your area. There are certain instances where people are jobless even after getting a security license because of their poor market research.

Here, networking with people through linkedIn can be a game changer and it will help you finding a job if you manage to get reference from someone.

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