Best Restaurant In Edmonton Alberta

8 Best Restaurant In Edmonton Alberta

Edmonton is more than just its famous mall—it’s a food haven!

I’ve spent a good while in this vibrant city, exploring its nooks and crannies for the best eats. From fancy dining to cozy brunch spots that won’t hurt your wallet, a taste adventure awaits you.

Having called Edmonton home for a short 6 months, I’ve uncovered hidden gems and popular spots. I’ve gathered the top 8 restaurants that stole my heart, each offering a unique flavour experience for every budget and craving.

So, get set to treat your taste buds because these restaurants are about to rock your world!

Bistro Praha

Bistro Praha In Edmonton

I’m thrilled to introduce you to my first best restaurant – Bistro Praha, a cozy downtown haven in Edmonton that’s more than just a restaurant—it’s an experience.

Founded in 1977 by Frantisek Cikanek, it’s been a beloved spot for over 40 years, a place where the phrase “Let’s eat at the Bistro” means only one thing—the Praha.

Stepping into Bistro Praha feels like a warm hug, surrounded by the aroma of authentic Czech dishes like goulash and wiener schnitzel.

I’ve had the pleasure of dining here, and let me tell you, it’s not just the food; it’s the whole experience. The ambiance is inviting, drawing both locals and famous faces; Kirk Douglas and Joni Mitchell have graced these tables.

Bistro Praha isn’t merely a place to eat—it’s a community, where every guest, myself included, is treated like an old friend.

La Ronde Revolving Restaurant

La Ronde Revolving Restaurant In Edmonton

La Ronde Revolving Restaurant, perched on the 24th floor of Chateau Lacombe Hotel, offers a sophisticated dining experience in Edmonton, AB. Sporting a respectable 3.8 rating, this spot is a go-to for an upscale, classy dining affair.

At La Ronde, it’s all about the view! The restaurant gracefully revolves once every 88 minutes, treating diners to an unmatched view high above the city. It’s an experience that adds an extra touch of magic to your dining adventure.

While there’s no outdoor seating, the indoor ambiance more than makes up for it. La Ronde’s menu—featuring a range of Appetizers and Entrées—is a testament to culinary sophistication. From the La Ronde Wild Mushroom Soup to the Alberta Bison Tenderloin, each dish promises an exploration of flavors.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or simply an elevated dining experience, La Ronde’s culinary offerings promise a taste of refinement high above Edmonton’s skyline.


RGE RD, nestled at 10643 123 St NW, is more than a restaurant—it’s a culinary expedition we adore!

Their motto, “Eat off the beaten path,” guides a flavorful journey sourced from local Canadian landscapes. Each dish transforms ordinary ingredients into extraordinary adventures using innovative culinary techniques.

Savor the sunchoke and mushroom salad or the daring “questionable bits”—an ode to minimizing waste through whole animal cooking. Founded in 2013 by Chef Blair Lebsack and Caitlin Fulton, RGE RD champions whole animal butchery and wood fire cookery, celebrating prairie tastes with contemporary flair.

And there’s more!

The Butchery by RGE RD extends this ethos, showcasing whole animal butchery and a market-style experience. Here, sustainability shines through high-quality local offerings, homemade delicacies, and custom cuts—an ode to supporting local producers.

At RGE RD, it’s an invitation to revel in flavors, honor local farms, and embark on a culinary escapade that speaks volumes about community, sustainability, and exceptional tastes.

Sugar Bowl – Best Place For Brunch 

Sugar Bowl In Edmonton

Ever stumbled upon a place that feels like a warm embrace?

That’s Sugar Bowl for you! Tucked near Whyte Ave at 10922 88 Ave NW, this isn’t just your regular brunch spot—it’s a treasure trove steeped in history since 1943.

Step inside, and it’s like entering a cozy nook: wooden tables, brick walls, and those exposed pipes lending a laid-back vibe.

But let me share a secret—the show’s star is their cinnamon bun. It’s not just warm and fluffy; it’s a spice-packed delight. And that Sugar Bowl Benny on house-made cornbread?

Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

But here’s what’s extra special—more than just the food. They’ve nailed the drink lineup too, from sodas to cocktails, plus a daily happy hour from 2 pm to 7 pm. Weekends can get busy, so early birds catch not just a seat but that heavenly cinnamon bun too!

Through all the changes since ’43, Sugar Bowl’s essence remains unchanged: a spot for bonding, comfort, and darn good food.

So, whether you’re a regular or a first-timer, they’re all about making you feel at home, just like that perfect cinnamon bun! Cheers to unforgettable experiences!


Padmanadi, nestled at 10740 101 St NW, isn’t just a restaurant—it’s an edible adventure!

As Edmonton’s beloved vegan haven, it’s a spot close to my heart. With a menu boasting Indonesian-inspired delights, Padmanadi beckons with lunch, dinner, and a tempting weekend brunch.

What’s remarkable is that Padmanadi isn’t exclusively for vegans. It’s a treasure trove for all food enthusiasts. Their inviting ambiance, vibrant decor, and a history rooted in exceptional service and delicious meals make it a must-visit.

During my visit to their downtown locale, the simple yet cozy setting with bamboo decor set the stage for my culinary journey.

I delved into their signature Curry Chicken—crafted from convincing veggie “chicken”—drenched in a comforting yellow coconut curry. And their Ginger Beef, made with flavorful soy beef strips, was a true delight.

From General Tao Chicken to Singapore Noodle, Padmanadi’s menu offers a diverse range, ensuring that everyone—whether vegan, vegetarian, or carnivore—finds their perfect meal.

With locations in Chinatown and the Southside, Padmanadi continues to be the go-to for unparalleled plant-based Asian cuisine in Edmonton.

Duchess Bake Shop

Duchess Bake Shop In Edmonton

I’ve been a fan of Duchess Bake Shop located in Edmonton’s vibrant 124th Street. Here, they’ve mastered the art of blending classic French pastries with local Alberta favourites, all made from scratch each day.

The dedication to quality shines through their ingredients, like the exceptional Valrhona chocolate and pure, natural flavorings.

Stepping inside Duchess feels like a European bakery, the chic interior inviting with its bright lighting and classic tables. Their display boasts an array of delightful treats, making the choice a tough one – from macarons and almond croissants to Rhubarb Galette and savory Spinach and Feta Danish.

But here’s a tip from a regular – arrive early!

The Duchess is a popular spot, and the goodies vanish quickly. It’s a true gem for pastry enthusiasts, and I always leave wanting to return for more. Explore their menu, especially the exclusive pre-order offerings!

Make sure to check their menu here before making your plan to visit.

Frida Urban Taqueria

Rockin Robyn’s Diner

Final Words

In Edmonton’s bustling food scene, there’s a palate-pleasing delight for everyone.

As a former local, I’ve unearthed 15 remarkable dining spots sure to satisfy any craving. But the culinary adventures don’t end here.

If you’re eager for more Edmonton discoveries, delve into our recommended Best Beaches in Edmonton for Families or, Ideal Places to Live in Edmonton for Families.

Keep exploring the city’s diverse flavors and experiences—it’s a place brimming with endless surprises and delightful finds!

Happy Eating And Exploring!

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