Make Money From An Android Widget

How Does One Make Money From An Android Widget?

So you want to create an app or about to complete the application building process. And looking for ways to make money?

Well, I once tried to learn coding which was super confusing and I don’t have the budget to build one. But if you are developer or have an interesting idea that can be transformed into an app. You can easily monetize the widget and turn it into a million dollar startup.

Some of the example of widget can be Facebook (net worth of $430 Billion) owned by Mark Zuckerberg and Snapchat (net worth of $15+ Billion) owned by Evan Spiegel.

Before moving forward, let’s dive into what is widget, how it works and what are the ways to make money from Android Widget.

What is Widget?

Widget is an application that provide users specific functionality and information on the user’s smartphone It is commonly found in all kind of smartphone if they have operating system like Android or Apple IOS.

The look of the widget may vary depending on the design and type of widget you are installing. Some of the widget have simple button and icons (such as Facebook or Instagram) whereas some of the have a flashy icon or button (games like clash of clans or PUBG).

The motive behind building these apps can be providing data about weather forecast, calendar, media playback control or providing live statistics of pandemic that we have seen in 2020. However, there are ways that can help you to make money from widgets.

If you are looking for different ways to generate income then I highly recommend you to read this guide on ways to make passive money online and make money flipping domain.

How Does Widget or Application Work?

Widget work by using functionality and APIs provided by the operating system of the device where it is installed. Here are the few key components on how widget works.

For newbies, APIs also known as Application Programming Interface is a set of rules, protocols and tools that allows different software applications to interact with each other.


The first step of building an application is to use the Android SDK and relevant programming language such as HTML, CSS, JAVA, Python and many more. This coding will help in building the layout and functionality of the widget whereas CSS will be used to design the app.

Widget Configuration

Widgets allows you or the users to make changes in the app such as the appearance and behaviour. For example, if you add the widget in your home screen, some they ask you for configuration and ask for permission to use other services of your phone such as Microphone, Camera and Location.

Automatic Update

Widget are dynamic in nature and shows you the most recent information. It have the function to collect all the data using internet or device sense which will benefit the owner of the firm. For example, if you are using Facebook, you must have noticed that whenever you open the app, everything get updated based on what is happening and what you have previously liked.

User Interaction

Widgets can be interactive, allowing users to perform actions directly from the widget itself. For example, a video player application will help you in playing the video, increasing the volume, skipping or moving to the next video. All the action are triggered based on your actions and what you want to see.

How Does One Make Money From An Android Widget?

1. Advertising

Advertising is the most commonly used method to monetize your widget. To monetize the widget, you need to sign in and integrate into third party ads platform such as Google AdMob (Popular), Adjust and many more. The income you will be earning will solely depend on the number of impressions and click you widget is getting.

2. In-App Purchase

Develop a free widget to gain more download and active visitor. Now offer the users to get special features, customization options, or specific contents within the app for additional cost.

For example, Netflix a free live video streaming app which is free but if you choose to watch recently launched movies or drams then you have to take their premium plans. Additionally, here is the some of the best tips that every Netflix Binger must know.

3. Premium Widget

You can build a high quality app with advance features, customization and specific content and offer monthly fees or one time fee. Here, users can purchase if they feel that your app is worth the money and can help people in their daily life.

For example, Adobe Video Edition offer you a premium software that can be installed on computer and laptop with some amazing edition functionality but you have to take the monthly subscription.


Try collaborating with different brand and companies that can help you in building your clients base and increase your brand’s popularity. Keep in mind to collaborate with brands if they are in your target niche.

For example, if you develop a video edition app then collaborating with video editors can increase you more customers as compared to working with people in the fashion industry.

How Much Money Can You Make From Android App?

The earning may vary depending on the location of users, number of impressions and clicks you are getting on the ads. For example, if you users are residing in US then the income will be higher compare to income from low cost advertising countries.

Data from 2018 shows that over $365 billion was earned by global mobile app developers. But by 2023, it is expected that mobile applications would bring in more than $935 billion in income from paid downloads, subscriptions, and in-app advertising.

Final Words

Widget can be a great source to generate income and if you do things properly by following google and apple rules and regulations. You can simple increase your widget or app users that in turn increase your revenue. However, following these methods to build your online presence can be challenging but if you are planning to monetize your app as soon as possible then do not ignore the mentioned methods.

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