Buy A Car With Part-Time Job

Can I Buy A Car With Part-Time Job?

Car is the first love of boys and the necessities of many couple which is totally possible as you have hundreds of work to do and going to work place. However, we always get stuck with this question about “Can I buy a car with part-time job?”

The answer is YES. You can buy a car while working part time. Today, I will guide you how you can buy a car with a part-time job, will it be worth it and few specific things to consider.

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How To Meet The Minimum Eligibility For Buying A Car?

To meet the minimum eligibility criteria for buying a car with a part-time job, the automobile company will require you to fulfill these area.

Minimum Age Criteria

If you are planning to buy the car under your name, then you must meet the minimum age criteria which is 18 years or older. However, age restriction may vary depending on the province you are living.

For example, if you are 16 years old, you can eligible to buy a car but to drive the car you need to hire a driver or someone who is 18 years or older.

Valid Driver’s License

You must have a Valid Driver’s License before purchasing the car. Make sure that is not expired and you are meeting all the requirement set by the local authority in your province.

Financial Stability

Car seller agent will offer you financing or leasing options. If you are planning to finance or lease the car, you have to show your financial stability and credit score that will make the lender process your application. In financial stability document, you have to show your income, cibil score (A.K.A. credit history) and your employment stability.

For example, after reviewing your document, they will ask question like:

  • From how long you are working in this firm?
  • What is your annual income?

Credit score plays a crucial role for the approval of your loan. In case your credit score is bad, you can look for ways to build your credit score or look for best credit card to build credit score. Additionally, if you have any credit debt then try do clear it as soon as possible. You can also read this article on 7 ways to pay off your credit card debt.

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Before making the payment for your car, you have to contact with insurance company or broker to find the best possible price. Insurance is mandatory in all the province in Canada or USA. And the price of car insurance may vary depending on the location, province, city and sometime your home address.

For example, if you are living in British Columbia, then the cost of car insurance can be as high as $1800 per month or $150 per month.

Documents Requirement To Buy A Car With Part-Time Job

Apart from meeting the minimum eligibility criteria, you also need to submit all the required documents asked by dealership or the bank who is processing your loan.

Here Is the list of documents required.

  1. Proof of Identity – (Valid Government ID)
  2. Proof of Income – (Pay Stubs, Employment Letter and Bank Statement)
  3. Proof of Residence – (Electricity. Bill , Wifi Bill, Phone Bill and Lease Agreement)
  4. Valid Driver’s License
  5. Insurance Information – (Proof of Insurance Coverage)
  6. Financing Documents – (If you are taking loan to purchase a car)

Can An International Student Buy A Car With Part-Time Job?

Yes, as an International student, you can purchase a car. However, you have to meet the minimum eligibility criteria mentioned by the dealership and if you planning for financing then you need to maintain a good credit score.

But as a student myself, I would highly recommend you not to stress your expenses if you have no savings. However, if you are planning to start a side hustle to make passive money or looking for a work from home jobs then it will be easier to manage your car’s expenses.

Final Words

Buying a car with a part time job can be challenging but if you drive carefully and maintain your car’s condition then it will be quite easy as you will be saving money on car expenses. Additionally, keep in mind to meet the minimum eligibility criteria and provide all the necessary document to complete the purchasing process smoother.

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