17 Ways To Make Money As A Teenagers In 2023

17 Ways To Make Money As A Teenagers In 2023

Making Money Online as a Teenager is a proud feeling and I can’t agree with it more than you guys. Some teens want to work online or offline where they earn a few bucks for saving or parties with their friends.

When I was a teenager, I used to do some side hustle that helped me a lot to do fun or even save money for events during my school and college days.

Today, I will help you with some of the best 17 ways to make money for teenagers. But as a teen do you want to start Side hustles (for women too) or work in a job? Let’s find out…

How To Find Jobs As A Teen?

Finding a Job as a teen can be really hectic because of the rules set the by Federal Government. But it’s not that impossible to get a job which requires less hard work and more smart work. I know you must have already tried but Hey, it’s never too late to explore more options where you can perfectly fit.

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17 Ways To Make Money For Teenagers

1. Pet Care

If you are very fond of pets then it can be a good way to make money. A lot of people are working 9-5 jobs and taking care of their pets is difficult. You can ask them in your neighbourhood about the service you are offering and if anyone is interested to pay for it.

Pet care service can help you make somewhere between $15 per hour to $20 per hour depending on the location of your service.

2. Baby Sitting

Baby Sit your siblings or your cousins at home is an awesome way to make some extra money. You can advertise your service at your school or in your neighbourhood to get clients.

You can come to an agreement that you will be taking care of their baby every Saturday which can make you weekly income. With time you can charge more as per your experience. There are multiple sites that offer Babysitting jobs which can help.

As per the latest report by Talent in 2022, the average income made by teens through babysitting is $12.50 per hour which can go up to 24,000 annually. Here, younger teens are paid a little less while older teens get paid a little higher.

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3. Hold a Yard Sale

If you don’t have something to sell online, then you can start selling in your yard. Starting a yard sale as a teen will be a little difficult as you need to prepare beforehand to organize things.

You can take permission to hold a yard sale and ask for help from your parents to organize the whole setup. Also, if they are interested to contribute something to your yard sale.

Before starting the yard sale, you need to do some advertisements in your neighbourhood and maybe at school. Put a sign board at the main entrance of your neighbourhood so that everyone can see.

You can make somewhere between $1,500 to $5,000 depending on how many products you have to sell and their condition.

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4. Become A Theme Park Tester

If you enjoy visiting a theme park in your neighbourhood then working as a theme park tester can be lucrative work. Here you just need to review the food, and park and interact with the staff members about your overall experience in the park.

A Theme Park Tester makes $15 to $20 per hour depending on the location and the city of the job.

5. Watch Videos

There are several websites which offer money for watching videos. Swagbucks pays you money for watching videos as a teen. And don’t worry, you won’t get stuck with a lot of ads.

Swagbucks offers you to watch different types of videos so you won’t get bored plus the amount paid to watch videos is not bad either.

6. Online Influencer

In this digital era of the latest technologies, who doesn’t want to make money while sitting at home?

You can start your own YouTube channel to make vlogs about your daily life or even start a blog to write about your favourite topic. There are several ways to make money from blogging or even youtube.

This will help you build an online presence and with time you will start getting sponsorships and brand deals with a fat cheque depending on the popularity.

A YouTuber or a Vlogger makes as low as $300 which can go as high as $4000 per month. And with sponsorships, you can easily make $300-$1000 per brand.

7. Design Website

If you like coding or learning any coding language then designing a website can help you to make good money. You can start working as a freelancer on different websites like Fiverr, Upwork or you can work with digital marketing agencies.

But what if I don’t like coding?

If you don’t like coding then you can still make money by designing websites using different plugins or pre-built themes available on WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or Weebly.

A Website Designer makes $40,000 – $80,000 per year on a 9-5 job whereas a freelancer makes a little higher.

8. Play Games

Playing Games is something we all love to do whether you are a teen or a 60-year-old grandma. But what if I say that you can make real money just by playing games on your favourite piece of the device?

Swagbucks is a great option that I recommend you try. They offer you money to do surveys but in addition to those surveys, you can also get paid to play games without any subscription.

The best part of Swagbucks is there is no earning limit. You can play games, do surveys or signups depending on your ability. If you talk about numbers then you can make as low as $100 per month.

9. Start a Blog

Blogging is a highly researched and trending topic where people are making five to six-figure income every single month. The reason is Blogging gives to option to explore different ways to make money.

And as a teen, it can be the best thing to start. You must be thinking WHY?

Blogging is a slowly growing business model which also depends on the time and effort you invest. But it has the potential to be a major source of your income if you work smartly and with patience.

It can also be a reason for you to explore different business options. For example, you can use your Blogging business to start a company where you can sell digital products or services.

A blogger in the USA makes 30,000 – 80,000 per month depending on their niche and audience.

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10. Online Tutoring

If you are good in English, Mathematics or Science then you can start tutoring kids all around the work. You can start pitching your service through your social media account or else there are hundreds of websites which allow you to start tutoring such as Tutorme, Skooli, Smarthinking and so on.

An Online tutor charges are as low as $10 per hour which can go up to $38 per hour depending on the subject you are teaching.

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11. Photo Editing

Photo Editing is a great skill which anyone can do but not better than teens or experienced adults. The reason is teenagers are very fond of games and apps which make it easy for them to understand new software.

They edit pictures for their social media account or to look cool in front of their friends. But there is a high demand for young photo editors by entrepreneurs because they are inexpensive as compared to a professional photo editors.

A Beginner Photo editor in the US charges as low as $8 per hour whereas a Senior Photo Editor charges $100 or higher for every hour.

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12. Start Freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to make money while sitting in your comfort. Here, you can start selling your skills such as video editing, photo editing, content writing or writing e-books.

There are thousands of skills that you can learn and sell on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and many more. I would say master one skill and promote it on these websites. Mastering one skill
(means specialist) will give you the leverage to charge more.

On average, a freelancer charges $10 to $200 per project depending on the niche they are working for.

13. Start Writing Books

If you love to write journals or blogs, then you can easily write a book and sell it online or offline in your neighbourhood or school. Writing a book is not rocket science, you just need to make an outline of the topic you have selected and write about it.

There are people who are making thousands of dollars every month by publishing their books. You can do the same by publishing it on Amazon Kindle.

It will barely take five minutes to publish your book and you can get access to millions of Amazon’s customers. You can also set the price of the book where you get 70% of the book’s cost.

14. Start a YouTube Channel

As a teen, getting fascinated by watching your favourite YouTuber is something we all love. Sometimes we also desire to start a YouTube channel to make a few bucks or maybe a lot.

Creating a YouTube channel and posting knowledge-based videos on a regular basis is one of the best ways to make money. But what to post?

There is no such rule that you must be an expert before starting to upload videos. You can start with any general topics such as summarizing a book, planting tress techniques or cooking food.

A YouTuber makes as low as $300 to $1000 or more if he/she uploads a video every week at least for six months.

15. Video Editing

Video Editing is one of the highly demanded professions where you can work as a full-time employee or freelancer. As a teen, you must try getting work in this field as you are aware of all the new software and its exciting features.

Video Editors are highly demanded by entrepreneurs and startups as their spending budget is low so hiring a full-time video editing expert is a difficult task.

So Initially, you can offer your service at affordable rates to get some experience and build your portfolio. With time and experience gained, you can increase your rates.

A video editing expert gets $15-$35 per hour depending on the level of experience and quality. Well, the annual pay is $40,000 to $80,000 as a full-time employee.

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16. Work At Your Father’s Office

When you are age 16, you can start working part-time at your father’s office and help him with office chores For example, if your father holds a pizza business, you can help him by counting money, tracking customers or billing so that he can work.

In return, you can ask for a paycheque which can you keep as savings, invest in stocks(with parent consent) or something that you like.

The major benefit of working part-time at your father’s office is that you will gain experience that will help you further in your career. So, even if you get paid less, be happy as the experience is worth millions.

17. Sell Craft

If you have a particular skill that you have learned from your parents or grandparents then you can leverage those skills to make money. For example, Handmade items made using crocheting skill is high in demand where people are paying as low as $30 per hour to get something made for their loved ones.

There are other options such as making bags, cards, jewelry and so on. While starting this business, always charges for the material plus work you have done. Make sure you are in profit after selling your products.


While looking for a job a teen will not put in a full-time job as a lot of employers don’t prefer teens to hire. But as I told you earlier, it is not difficult to get make money without a jobs.

The thing that matters the most is how much you are dedicated and willing to do that work. You can choose any way out of the 17 ways to make money for teenagers but the outcome will depend on your efforts.

Finally, I would say be a specialist in one skill if you really want people to pay your high. For example, a marketing agency that offers every service will charge less for Facebook advertising campaign for dentist.

However, a Marketing Agency specializing in the dentist will charge a higher rate for their service. This is what I mean by specialization.

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