Make Six Figure As A Graphic Designer

How to Make Six Figure As A Graphic Designer?

So, you learned a skills and now wondering how you can make six figure as a Graphic Designer?

In today’s competitive creative landscape, graphic designers have the potential to achieve six figure income by honing their skills, leveraging their creativity, and adopting a strategic approach to their careers.

According to Buraeu of Labor Statistics, the demand for graphics designer is expected to grow by 3% from 2021 to 2031 which may seem small but it will lead to job opening for more than 25,000 graphic designer.

It pretty huge. Right?

So, without any further a do. Let’s dive in to the needy greedy of and understand the steps to build your six figure career as a Graphic Designer.

Graphic Designer

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a creative field that involves visual communication and the arrangement of elements such as typography, images, colors, and illustrations to convey a message or solve a problem.

In simple words, it is a process of “combining art and technology to create visual content for various mediums”, such as print, digital platforms, advertising, packaging, and more.

What Does Graphic Designer Do?

A graphic designer is a professional who uses their creative and technical skills to design and create visual materials. They work with clients or employers to understand their needs and objectives, and then use their design expertise to develop visual solutions.

For example logo of the TheCanadianGuy is created by a graphic designer and creating images or inforgraphics using Canva for your instagram or any other social media networks.

Some Example of Graphic Designer Work:

  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Advertisements
  • Posters
  • Product packaging

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7 Step Guide To Make Six Figure As A Graphic Designer

Achieving a six-figure income as a graphic designer requires a combination of skill, experience, business acumen, and a strategic approach to your career. While success can vary depending on individual circumstances, here’s a general seven-step guide to help you work towards earning a six-figure income as a graphic designer

1. Learn Skills and Specialize

Start with investing time to learn the skills and keeping on improving your skills to meet the industry standards. Also, try to become a expert in a particular area of graphic designing such as UI/UX, Web design, Logo or motion graphics.

A niche specific designer are highly VALUED as compared to a general graphic designer. For example, a niche-specific logo designer on Fiverr charge somewhere close $30 – $1500 per project compared to a general graphic designer.

Additionally, try to be updated with the latest market trends, designs, software and techniques. There are many courses and workshops available for free on websites like Coursera, Udemy and may more.

2. Create a Strong Portfolio

Creating a portfolio is crucial for designer to showcase their previous work and demonstrate their skills and expertise. This process will help you attract potential prospects that may be interested in acquiring your services.

Additionally, a well crafted portfolio shows your understanding about the designs trend, skills, creativity and versatility which created the positive first impression about you as a professional.

To Create a portfolio you can follow these simple steps.

  • Pick your best quality work that shows your creativity and the range of skills.
  • Create a user-friendly structure with clear navigation so that viewers can easily explore your portfolio.
  • Include Sketches and Wireframes to demonstrate your design concepts. It will show your problem-solving skills and the thought process behind your final designs.
  • Add Testimonials of satisfied clients and include the link or details of the respective projects. Testimonials add credibility and provide social proof of your abilities.

According to Optin Master, adding social proof increases your sales by 30% – 40% because the average customer reads a minimum of 10 reviews before making a final purchase desicion.

3. Gain Professional Experience

Seek opportunities to gain professional experience by working for design agencies, companies, or freelancing. The more experience you accumulate, the more you can charge for your services. Aim to work on projects that have a direct impact on a company’s success and can showcase your ability to deliver results.

You may feel that getting work without experience will be easy but the sentiments of an employer is totally different. A employer or customer will always prefer candidate who shows a better level of understanding about the industry and present their skills during an interview.

4. Build Client Relationships

Building strong relationships with clients is crucial for sustaining a successful graphic design career. Provide excellent customer service, be responsive, and deliver projects on time. Satisfied clients are more likely to refer you to others and become repeat customers, leading to a consistent stream of high-paying projects.

You can start building relationship through LinkedIn by creating an effective profile that attracts people towards you and the work you have done so far.

5. Advertise Your Services

Develop a personal brand and market yourself strategically. Create a professional website, optimize your social media profiles, and leverage online platforms such as Behance or Dribbble to showcase your work and attract potential clients. Network with industry professionals and attend relevant events or conferences to expand your reach.

Here are few tips to advertise Your Services.

  1. Identify your target audience based on the specific niche and tailor your marketing tactics.
  2. Build a strong personal brand that sets you apart from competitors.
  3. Try to clearly demonstrate your design style, strengths and the benefits a potential client can get if they wish to take your service.
  4. Create a professional website that is visually appealing which carries all your previous work, portfolio, types of services offered and the contact information.
  5. Leverage Social Media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn to target your niche focused audience and try to be active and helpful to build a positive first impression.
  6. Attend Industry events, conference, or meetups to network with business owners or potential clients.
  7. Start a blog on your website or contribute guest articles to design publications to showcase your expertise and attract your target audience.
  8. Participate in online design communities like Behance, Dribbble, or design-related forums and share your work.
  9. Optional – Investing in paid advertising channels, such as Google Ads or social media ads, to reach a wider audience.

6. Price Your Services Appropriately

Research industry standards and assess the value you provide to clients when setting your rates. Don’t undervalue your skills or be afraid to charge premium rates for your expertise. Position yourself as a high-quality designer and clearly communicate the value you bring to your clients’ businesses.

7. Diversify Income Streams

To increase your earning potential, consider diversifying your income streams. Offer additional services like consulting, online courses, or selling design resources. Explore passive income opportunities such as creating and selling design templates, fonts, or stock graphics. These additional revenue streams can contribute significantly to your overall income.

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How Much You Can Make As A Graphic Designer?

According to U.S. Beraeu Of Labour Statistics, you can get up to $17 per hour with minimal experience but it can go up to $40 per hour based on the experience and the quality of the work.

Furthermore, as per the statistics shared by the US News, a graphic designer can make 39,270 per year whereas a Senior Graphic Designer can may up to 75,000 per year or more. This is pretty insane!! Right?

Final Words

Finally, I hope you got a detailed understanding about the graphic designing industry and the potential to build your career. But before bidding bye, I would emphasize more on learning and improving skills to get the best return from this amazing and diverse market.

Also, do try to diversify your incomes because the profession of graphic designing is seasonal so getting a fix pay check every month is not hard.

Thank You.

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