DoorDash Tips for Top Earners

7 DoorDash Tips for Top Earners In 2023

Working as delivery person can be fun and rewarding if you are planning things properly. In 2023, more than 1 million people are working in the Food Delivery Business in the United States.

This job gives you time and financial flexibility. You can start working at any moment of the day and earn any amount of money. According to Talent, delivery men can earn anywhere from $25,000 to $31,200 annually.

To become a top earner, you have to some follow some rules and treat your profession as a full-time business.

1. Working During Busy Hours

There are certain area in every city which are busy compared to rural and suburbs. As a beginner or experienced dasher, it is important to understand which area is the busiest. Try to work in different location and analyze the market instead of wasting your car’s fuel or electricity.

For example, if you are living in British Columbia, Vancouver can be an ideal place to work. Based on my friend’s experience, they have made as low as $17 per hour and $35 per hour.

Also, do analyze the peak pay hours in your city which is ideally midnight or lunch hours. Peak pay hours is a time frame which the company is willing to pay you more because the demand is high.

2. Follow The Rules

Working as Dasher can be challenging because sometime your customer’s patience level is horrible, and they want you to deliver their favourite “Avacado Sandwich” as soon as possible.

This led to bad driving which leads to potential life risk as you may start driving like a police force or an ambulance. Also, you will park your car anywhere and get a ticket.

Be cautious with these situations and follow all the rules of the company as well as the road. High Speed Driving and Ticket can eat a bigger portion of you earning and can potentially raise your insurance.

3. Maintain A Good Acceptance Rate

Maintaining a Good Acceptance Rate is important while working as a Dasher because bad acceptance rate can damage your ability to receive future orders or the company can possible ban you or your account.

To maintain a good acceptance rate, start with being selective with the orders you are taking and do analyze the distance you need to travel. Also, be available during peak hours as you have more options to choose.

Along with that, be punctual and try to communicate with customer if there is any issue with the delivery or the food which help your ratings.

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4. Get Referrals

Getting Referrals can be a great way to increase your earning. You can start getting referrals by spreading the word on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This will help you in making extra income through bonus for every new delivery guy signing up and reaching the threshold.

You can reward your clients, friends, and family members for utilizing your referral code. Free meal delivery or a discount on their first order are both possibilities. Continue to spread the word about your referral code as much as you can.

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5. Focus On Providing Excellent Customer Service

Customer Service is the pillar of any business and providing excellent customer service can help you increase your rating as a dasher. This can also help in making extra bonuses of $100 – $500 depending on the company you are working for.

These are the different ways that can help you to become a successful Dasher.

  • Communicate – Let your client know if you are having trouble finding their home or if you are running late. This demonstrates your responsibility, which gives your client comfort.
  • Follow Instruction – Follow any specific requests or delivery instructions provided by the customer, such as dropping food at reception or at the front door.
  • Be Punctual – As customers appreciate prompt deliveries, try to deliver the food on time. It will help you in receiving better tips and raising your dasher rating.
  • Handle Issue Professionally – Working life consists of multiple challenges and handling these situations professionally is an asset. Some most common problems are wrong food, missing items, or delivery delays.

6. Sign Up To Other Delivery Apps

Signing up to other delivery apps will give to access to more work and get multiple orders which will maximize your earning. In case you are working for Door Dash, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

You can SignUp on Uber Eats, Skip the Dish or any other food delivery apps to get as much order as you can. This give you an option to be selective with your order and get good tips.

However, working on multiple apps will make your life a little difficult as you need to keep on signing in and out to see orders but at the end of the day, it will boost your bank balance.

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7. Track Your Expenses and Mileage

Tracking your expenses and mileage is crucial part of your work. Working a dasher, makes you self-employed which means that you have to pay taxes each financial year. In this scenario, having proper track of expenses will help you write off your expenses from your taxes.

For example, if you using a car or e-bike, you will be using electricity or fuel and there are some repairing cost too. Assuming there is no track of expenses, you have to pay taxes on your income and all the service cost.

There are multiple apps available that can help your track your mileage if you are using car to offer your service. Just write each expenses every day.

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There you have your 7 Tips to increase your income as a Dasher. Whether you are working as a experienced dasher or just for few months as a college student, I am pretty sure that these tips will surely help you.

Finally, delivery service will always in demand and there are seasons (such as winter) when you get huge tips. The best way to generate good tips will be cities or busy locations such as office or a market.

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