Papa John’s Pizza Hacks To Get More Pizza

6 Papa John’s Pizza Hacks To Get More Pizza

Do you think of something better than having your favourite pizza with a top rated series on Netflix? Well, my mouth is watering now. LOL.

Pizza is one of the famous Italian dish loved globally and why not to love it. The side crust with mozzarella cheese and your favourite sauces, topping, veggies are a blessing in itself. Don’t you think so?

It’s okay. Don’t Lie.

Well, I can understand your craving now but before ordering your pizza. There are some hacks you might need to know to get the best offers from Papa John’s. Here are 7 Papa John’s pizza ordering hacking that can save you money but adjusting to smaller size pizza.

What are the Sizes of Papa John’s Pizza?

Papa John’s Pizza has 4 different sizes for their hand tossed original crust pizza that are measured by diameters in inches.

Small – 10″
Medium – 12″
Large – 14″
XL – 16″

6 Papa John’s Pizza Hacks

1. Join Papa John’s Reward Program

Papa Reward, is a papa john’s reward program launched in 2010 offer you great discounts and coupons if you prefer ordering pizza from the comfort of your couch.

To get Papa Rewards, you need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Sign Up for Papa Reward Program
  2. Order your Pizza Online
  3. Earn 1 point on each $1 spent on Papa John’s pizza
  4. Collect Rewards. One you reach 75 points, it will automatically convert to $10.
  5. Use your $10 at any Papa John’s store.

You can also avail 10 point on your birth day.

How Many Papa John’s Reward point required to receive a free pizza?

To be eligible for a free pizza, you need to earn at least 25 Papa Reward. While redeeming your papa rewards points for a free pizza, you can take soft drinks, sides, dessert as part of minimum delivery order which may vary depending on store’s location.

2. Use Door Dash

If you do not order frequently from papa john then using door dash is more beneficial. It offers huge discount and coupons to their customer for using their app for food delivery.

For beginners, Door Dash is a food delivery app that build a connection between the customers and their favourite restaurants by offer food delivery at their doorsteps. In short, it works as a broker/middleman between the customer, delivery guy and the food business owners.

Working as a Dasher can offer good income but as a new customer at door dash, you can get $0 delivery fees on your first order from door dash.

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3. Future Ordering

Papa John’s runs promotional discount and offer coupons for their customers THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. But it is hard for customer to avail the discount before the coupon’s expiry date. Here you can go with Future Ordering plan offered by Papa John’s.

To avail this feature, you can plan your meal in advance. Future Ordering allows you to order pizza 24/7 where cash orders can be taken 21 days prior and credit card order can be taken 3 days in advance. You can even choose the date and time when you want it to be prepared to enjoy a fresh pizza.

4. Follow Papa John’s on social media

Papa John’s occasionally announce exclusive promotions, coupon codes and limited time offers on their social media channels. Following them can help you in getting great deals and be updated with some exclusive limited-time menu.

Additionally, Papa John’s may run giveaway or content in future. So, following them can give you an opportunity to win free pizza, merchandise, or other exciting pizza.

5. Buy Gift Cards

Business offer and sell gift cards if you taking participate in competition. So, have a look on any events or competition where can get give cards.

The best part of gift card is you can avail papa rewards if you are using it at Papa John’s.

6. Explore combo meals

Combo Meals are a value packed deal and a popular option in many restaurants, specially fast-food companies. Papa John’s also offers combo meals that consists of pizza, drinks, desserts, or sides at a discounted rate.

This meal option are pre-determined selection of food items that are packed together. For example, a typical combo meal include at Papa John’s may include Pizza, Breadstick and drinks comes at a lower price as compared to combined value of all the items individually.

Final Words

Ordering your favourite pizza and watching your favourite show can be fun but till the moment you are waiting for you pizza, have a look a 8 Hacks Every Netflix Pro Binger Needs To Know!

This will make your Netflix watching more fun and don’t forget to available all the mentioned discount to save money.

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